The Miracle of Saint Joseph

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The Miracle of Saint Joseph
for All Races, All Colors and All Creeds



“I am Saint Anna Maria Goretti.  It is a privilege for Me to be active for The Father, for His Will to be done, and for His Love to be shown through the Words He allows Us to speak, instructing on the Beauty of what human life was created for.

All of The Saints Here in the Heavens are happy when They are told Their Words will be put into print to help thousands, perhaps millions of human beings, to remember that within them they have a Portion of The Creator, called ‘a Soul’.

So many Blessings pass through This Miracle of The Father’s Love.  Some say, ‘Why is It called “a Miracle”?’ It is called ‘a Miracle’ because of The Father’s Will and His Desire to have all ages, all backgrounds, learn more about the Beauty and the Purpose of human life, because it is so closely connected to Him through a Portion of Him, named ‘the Soul’.

Each day is important to human life.  It gives the opportunity to better understand that human life has a Goal, and this Goal does not stop when the human life ends, because the Goal is a Gift of Divine Love for the Soul of the one, Who was handed to the individual at the moment of his or her conception.

So Many Saints Here in the Heavens wait for The Father to tell Them to request Words be written, so that all of mankind will more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is to man, and the closeness it is to The Creator of All there is.

It is important that children, when they are very young, are instructed on the Facts of why they were created for a Goal, to be returned to The Highest One, God, in His Divine Plan.  Children are not being instructed.  There is so much humanism that is taking precedence over what human life was created for, and that is to one day return to The Creator and remain for All Eternity in a Place beyond what the human mind can conceive, perceive, in the human form.

So much has been delivered by one voice, and it is important that all of human life understand that The Father, in His Power, has the ability to use one voice at His Command, thus giving to millions upon millions upon millions of human beings What The Father Wills them to know, and to more fully understand that there is a Goal for each Soul that He places within human life at the moment of conception.

As each day occurs, it is important for all ages, all degrees of intellect to understand more indepthly that they are one day closer to returning to The Creator a Portion of them; not to fear the time, but to see the time as a Gift of Divine Love within them.

As I close My Words, I close Them with deep Love, for as Each of Us are with The Creator of All Things, it is Our Hope that all Souls will be returned to The Father, Saints, at a given time.

In human life, men, women and children want to reach success.  There is no greater success than to return to The Father, because you see, there is no Greater Gift of Divine Love that human life can, in any way, associate human gifts with.

Much Love comes with This Message, much Hope, that All the Words that have passed through one voice according to The Father’s Will, will be seen for the Great Worth Each Word is, and that This Miracle of His Divine Love is a Gift beyond what human life could have without Him being The Deliverer, expressing openly the indepthness of how He feels for this Creation of His.  So be it.”

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What is The Miracle of Saint Joseph?
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