What is The Miracle Of Saint Joseph?
Saint Joseph, The Holy SpiritAs we see through time, God, in His Infinite Love for His Creation, man, has never left man alone. As we understand it to be, from the beginning He spoke to Adam, to guide, to direct and to set Rules to follow, so that Adam and all who would follow Him could be guided to one day be with Him in Heaven. All through time God has given us special men and women who, through a Holy and Unique relationship with God, would not only be the example for nations to follow but would be the link through which generations would be drawn to God.
Ten Commandments        Our understanding of The Ten Commandments, and our natural attachment to them, is understood and deepened because of a greater knowledge of Moses and how God used Moses to guide all men for all time. The natural spirituality of all men born to the world is based on all the Holy and Unique Blessings God gave us through His True Mystics from the beginning of time to now. This natural love for God is as much a part of us as the very Soul within us, and this love has always been nourished by God all through time.
Today, God once again gives to the world a True Mystic, Frances Marie Klug, passing through her His Never Ending Love for man, and the Directions that He knows man needs to follow, so that one day our Souls will be with Him in Heaven. God titles her ‘Mother’ because through her we become spiritual children, the recipients of God’s Direct Teachings, Blessings.
Stories From Heaven        Since 1967, when this Great Miracle was formally announced to the world, The Miracle Of Saint Joseph and all the Revelations delivered through Mother Frances have spread to every nation throughout the world. For more than forty one years, Mother Frances has been and is the recipient of All that has passed through her from God and All His Saints. This Wisdom within her is, and always will be, the very cornerstone of The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, and it is through this very foundation that God has given, that thousands upon thousands of Souls will be drawn to God.
History has shown us that there have always been some men who have been slow to recognize the Hand of God and in some instances have rejected His Intervention. As we look back, God has always established His Will over all obstacles and the men who misunderstood His Directions. The world today is in great need of Our Heavenly Father’s Direction and He gives us this through Mother Frances — The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.
Mother Frances        God’s Direction, through Mother Frances, has established this Great Miracle throughout the world. In Rome, God sent her to meet with Pope Paul VI. God gave him strength at a time of great need.