How To Pray

Many, many Revelations tell us to pray on a daily basis, in any situation. This Revelation from Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit, gives an especially beautiful explanation about how to pray.

Revelation from Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit
Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug
on December 17, 1970 at 2:10 PM

“My children, I, Saint Joseph, come to you on this day. I speak through the child to give you My Love and to tell you that in all ways you must praise God and grow in love with Him. The time in which you live is sadness to Him for the earthly glow has many dim spots, showing that satan is all about. Oh, My loved ones, be aware how he can use you in your weakness. When you feel so fair, look to what you say, and analyze the reason, the purpose, and why you are saying it. Is it for self-acclaim? Is it for someone to notice you or do you have God in mind, drawing attention to Him?

Be aware of the glow of the world. Try, through prayer, through giving love and through growing in love with The Father, to have no dim spots showing. As man looks at the world, it is land, water, people. As God looks at the world, He sees His children, with Souls to return to Him. He sees all things down to the core of the world, for do not forget, He is The Creator and knows all the ingredients, the weakness, the beauties, the troubles, and is fully aware of what is needed.

The main thing, My children, is prayer. Prayer is the most neglected thing man has access to. Prayer can be said in the quiet of a thought, in the noise of a room. It can be said constantly, for no man has the ability to control your prayer, only you. Rather than limit the amount you can give, I ask you to grow in it. It is worth more than any item you can see, you can feel, you can touch. The Power in prayer is one of magnificence, grandeur, beauty, magnitude.There is no limit, remember this.

Now let Me tell you how I want you to pray.

Be fully aware of the Host of Love given to you each day. It is a Treasure. God does not eliminate you, you eliminate yourself. When the Man of God bends forward to say, ‘Body of Christ,’ it is God’s Love to you. Do not deny yourselves the privilege, the love, to close the prayer each time you can.
Ask yourself how many times Our Lady has requested you and all children to say Her Holy Rosary. You must admit, countless times. She has encouraged it and begged for it. She has pleaded, for She knows the great Power that it is. Do not deny yourselves this love. Be obedient to The Mother Who is Above.
How many times have you not wanted to ignore a friend? Why then do you ignore your Creator? A quiet visit to where He is, words of prayer telling Him you love Him, recognizing the reality of Him being present; an act of Faith, an act of love, an act of sharing, an act of confidence, an act of trust, when you visit The Blessed Sacrament.

Remember all These Words and be aware of Them as Truth. Be conscious of Their Magnitude and ask God, Who is All Goodness, to give you Light to grow in His Way with your will.

I, it is true, am Saint Joseph, and I speak to you from Heaven Where I am. I say to you today: ‘Do pray and follow in every way the Teaching that was given to you this day. If you are troubled, pray. If you are happy, pray. If you are concerned, pray. If you are lonely, pray. If you are in doubt, pray. If you feel sufficient on your own, pray. If you feel lost, pray. If you are ill in the physical, pray. If spiritually you feel low, pray. What more can I say? ’

I bless you in the Name of The Father, in the Name of His Son, and in the Name of The Holy Ghost, truly One.”