Memorial Mass for Mother Frances

NOVEMBER 14, 2010

As we commemorate the first anniversary of the passing of Mother Frances, and to better understand the life of service she walked for Our Heavenly Father, we must first take a step back into History and try to understand The Divine Love God has given us from the very beginning, to our present time.

This Divine History has always been seen and recognized in various degrees by mankind; and as Our Father was once asked, “What are The Three Greatest Miracles given to the world?” God’s response was: The First Greatest Miracle was that He had chosen Noah to help Him cleanse the world of sin, at a time when sin was so prevalent; and through This Action from The First Person of The Holy Trinity, God The Father made a Covenant with man, for the sins of the world were washed away with water. And every time we see a bow in the sky, we think of Noah and God’s Justice.

The Father continued with, “… The Second Greatest Miracle given to mankind was the Birth of My Son, The Second Person of the Holy Trinity, and with the shedding of His Blood, the Gates of Heaven were opened.”

To prepare mankind for The Second Person of The Holy Trinity, God had chosen Abraham to be the foundation of the twelve tribes of Israel who, as a nation, eventually would hold and instill the Laws of God, which were to be delivered through Moses, One chosen by The Father to receive These Laws and to lay the Foundation for the Birth of The Second Person of The Holy Trinity, Our Lord. From Abraham to the Birth of Our Lord, our Spiritual History is filled with Prophets sent by God to hold These Rules in place for the Foundation of Christianity, and give to mankind the Guidelines for the Salvation of all Souls and to prepare man to accept The Birth of Our Lord.

Then Our Holy Father continued on with, “… and The Third Greatest Miracle given to man is The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, The Third Person of The Holy Trinity; and through This Great Miracle, Our Lord has again returned to the world of man to teach man the way for the salvation of all Souls.”

From the Birth of The Second Person of The Holy Trinity, to The Miracle Of Saint Joseph and God’s Formal Announcement of Saint Joseph, The Third Person of The Holy Trinity, God gave us countless Saints, starting with the Great Apostles Who helped Our Lord establish Christianity, together with Saints such as Saint Athanasius, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, Saint Agatha, Saint Lucy, and Many Others filled with such a great Spiritual Magnitude mankind has ever seen, All chosen by God, All with a particular Spiritual Gift from The Father: Some given to the world to teach priests how to be priests, Others to teach man how to live according to God’s Way, and all resulting in teaching mankind in various degrees: Faith, purity, morality, justice, hope, self- discipline, integrity, trust, understanding, logic, practicality, and all facets of life for its Ultimate Goal – love of God, and the gaining of Sainthood.

Why is this History which leads us up to now so important? As God The Father has said many times through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, He has chosen This Time in all His Creation, to Personally give to man, His Direct Words of Divine Love, Divine Direction, Divine Hope and to instill in all of mankind the Importance of the Soul, a Portion of Who He Is and the Importance of returning your Soul to Him.

We notice that God, Our Creator, brought the First Greatest Miracle to the world through Noah, part of the family way of life. We also notice that Our Heavenly Father brought the Second Greatest Miracle for man, The Birth of His Son, through The Holy Family. All of the Sacraments start through the Sacrament of Matrimony, and also The Rules we live by, The Ten Commandments, were delivered through Moses, who was part of the family way of life. And now we notice that The Father gives The Third Greatest Miracle to the world: Saint Joseph, The Third Person of The Holy Trinity, through the family way. Mother Frances was wife to Robert Klug, and Mother to three children: Jeff, Jack and Roberta, all particularly special to God’s Great Plan for man’s understanding of how He works and on how He has delivered This Great Miracle.

On May 7, 1921, The Father began This Great Miracle with the birth of Mother Frances. From the very first day, and for 88 years, God held in His Hand, This Miracle. All through Mother’s life, The Father, Our Lord, Our Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, and Many of The Great Saints prepared her for This Great Gift. As a little girl, she conferred with The Saints. And as she grew, her “preparations” were all Divinely developed and she was made ready for the Task that was ahead of her.

On the 28th of July, 1967, The Miracle Of Saint Joseph was Formally Announced to the world through Saint Therese of Lisieux. And with This Announcement, her path for The Father was filled with the heavy burden for the Salvation of Souls God laid upon her shoulders. Countless ‘Spiritual preparations’, all accompanied with untold sufferings, were part of her everyday life. The many degrees of Spiritual Discernment and the obvious price she paid, can only be described by those who witnessed these, as sorrowful.

Her love for The Father was so great that there were times in her great depths of ecstasy when she was so close to The Father, that she would want to go with Him and not return to where she was. At those times The Father would give her a choice to stay with Him or return to do His Will. It was her depth of love for Him that she returned to help Him accomplish His Will.

On Good Friday, 1973, The Father asked her to walk an extraordinary path for the Souls of mankind. On this Good Friday, He placed upon her shoulders the Cross of Suffering. The day was hot and the dirt road was long and filled with hills and valleys. Blinded by the ecstasy she was in, she carried this heavy burden over a half mile, not knowing if at any time she would walk off the road and fall into a ravine. Her walking this Calvary for God is the Ultimate Sign of her love for Our Heavenly Father and her obedience to His Will. Many times God would show His Love for us through her by sending the Oils of Saint Joseph through her hands to those around her, or by the brilliant light that many times surrounded her when One from Heaven would speak.

There are thousands and thousands of Revelations, All containing The Divine Wisdom necessary for all of mankind to learn how to save their Souls. All of the Wisdom attached to Each Word was interwoven into every fiber of Mother Frances’ being. Her Close Association with Our Heavenly Father, Our Heavenly Mother, Our Lord and Saint Joseph, and her Close Association with All The Saints, from the Doctors of the Church, to all the levels of Saints, can be logically understood by the Fruits born in All the thousands of Revelations, All delivered spontaneously and without error. Many times The Saints would be sent to her to confer on how They should intercede on a particular situation, and there were times that Mother’s Soul would deliver Direction to us from Heaven. As much as man thinks he knows, God shows us how little we are and how little we know. When it comes to understanding Mother Frances, The True Mystic, we can only wonder at the Degree of Spiritual Life she walked in.

What courage and depth of Spiritual Strength and Wisdom was contained within her, for she had taught alongside All of The Heavenly Saints, with The Holy Trinity at command, the Extraordinary Teachings on The Divinity of Our Heavenly Mother, The Divinity of Saint Joseph, and the true understanding of Who The Holy Family Is. The Ultimate Message from The Holy King on the importance of the family way of life is so important to His Divine Plan for mankind, that He sent His Own Queen of Heaven, His Own Son, and His Holy Spirit as a True Sign and an Example for man on the importance of the family.

She taught on all The Commandments in degrees and depths of understanding that only Divine Wisdom could direct with Clarity, Love, Hope and Direction. She taught on all the Sacraments in great detail, and on their extreme importance with fortitude that only God would have given her. She brought to the Church, God’s Plan for Mankind, The Miracle Of Saint Joseph. Without hesitation, she met with Pope Paul VI, Cardinals, Bishops, Theologians, and Priests of all levels; for God had once said in the middle of Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican, “I want you to remember this. The men that follow the path of My Son are going along collecting the material, the monetary and the physical, and neglecting the Spiritual.”

There is not one part of mankind’s life and the Gifts God has given him, that was not taught on. For every day of her life, whenever one or more were present, she taught. For many years Heaven would teach us every day from ten to fifteen hours a day, many times even more. She always spoke Their Words no matter how long the day, no matter how long the hours, no matter how much exhaustion she experienced. One day in San Jose, California, she taught for twenty-one hours straight. Those of us close to her worried as she had spent all of her physical strength. Never has there been in History, the Spiritual dedication to God’s Will, with God Personally giving to man His Own Recorded Words.

Many times throughout the years, The Father would hear a child’s plea of despair, “Dear God, please help me,” and God would send Mother Frances on bilocation, no matter where in the world this was, to help The Father answer this request with direction, hope or even physical aid. Once, on one of these Spiritual Journeys, Our Lord held Mother’s hand on one side and Saint Joseph held her hand on the other side, as They took her across the sea, right above the waves, to answer a child’s call for help, aboard a ship far out at sea. We, who were Blessed to be present at this time, were given the privilege to hear Heaven describe this journey as it took place. What Blessings God has bestowed upon all of mankind.

We think of Mother suffering the Stigmata, we think of Mother suffering the Great Degrees of The Power of Discernment, we think of Mother carrying the heavy burden of Souls, we think of Mother and the Light that shown forth through her, we think of Mother with the Oils of Saint Joseph, we think of Mother as God had taken her heart and placed it within all the Tabernacles throughout the world, we think of Mother being stripped of her nature, we think of Mother interceding for us to God, we think of Mother receiving Direction from God, we think of Mother conferring with all The Saints, we think of Mother teaching The Souls who have left the world yet to gain Sainthood, we think of Mother on bilocation, we think of Mother with the Cross of Suffering, walking Calvary for The Father, and now we think and hope that Mother will intercede for us so we, too, may gain Sainthood. And now with all this in mind, and with the knowledge that God makes Saints, we ask the following of Mother Frances:

Dearest Mother Frances:

You heard the Words of God and delivered Them for us.

You heard the Words of All The Saints and delivered Them for us.

You dedicated your life to The Divinity of Our Heavenly Mother.

And you gave your life to Saint Joseph, The Third Person of The Holy Trinity.

You conferred with All The Saints on our behalf.

And you suffered your entire life for the Salvation of Souls through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, and knowing that God has entrusted in you all the Spiritual Blessings one can receive on behalf of all mankind, we ask you to intercede on our behalf and ask Our Heavenly Father to aid us at this time of need. We love you through the Grace and Gifts God has bestowed upon us.