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In some early volumes of “Stories From Heaven”, many Revelations describe edifices to be built on Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope. As just one facet of The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, God invited men of all races, colors and creeds to participate in building a “City Of God”. Every building, chapel, bridge, shrine, garden, amphitheater, and even a hospital and a research center, to be included in this Magnificent Project, would be designed down to the most minute detail by Heaven.

This City Of God would be a place of great beauty for men throughout the world to visit, to gain true spiritual strength and to learn firsthand that which Heaven wants all men to know.

Much to the great loss of every man, woman and child in the world, this City has not been built. Innumerable obstacles were placed in the way of Its completion by those who would have benefited the most. Not enough men volunteered to return the gifts of their time and talents to God. Not enough people came forward with the money needed to participate in God’s Plan in a monetary way. Donations became less and less, because the men in the Church said, “Don’t give.” They discouraged people from participating.

For many years, Mother Frances and a handful of volunteers made every effort to overcome all opposition to men’s lack of wisdom, to build this City for God. However, we are not at a total loss. The Sound Teaching and Sound Direction given by Heaven in the many volumes of “Stories From Heaven” continued through the years, and will benefit people everywhere for many generations to come.

In the future, if the hearts and minds of men change, the world will one day see the Beautiful City Of God.