ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2000 AT 12:49 PM


“As I speak to you today, I will announce Myself in different ways.  As I am The Creator of All Things, I am also The Holy Spirit.  By Holy Spirit, I mean Above and Beyond what a human mind, being, is.  There is no place throughout the world who can fully decipher Who I Am, What I Am, or the Magnitude of My Being.  The world is occupied and preoccupied with personal definitions of My Existence, the Reality of My Existence.

Today as I speak through one small voice, I have spoken Words deliberately, so as to help you more fully understand what This Gift of My Divine Love means to the world of man.

Throughout the world there are many degrees of suffering in human life.  So much emphasis is put on the physical, thus ignoring the mental.  Now when I speak ‘mental’, I mean the fact that the mentality of human life does not reach for more understanding of Who created it, and Who created All things.

As I speak through one small voice that I have used for many, many, many, many years, I speak Words understandable to human life, so that men, women and children will be able to apply All that is given to the Importance of their life that they cannot see, called ‘the Soul’.  This Gift of My Divine Love is above and beyond human understanding.

I oftentimes wonder, when an individual acknowledges the existence of ‘a Saint’, how do they really understand the fullness of this word?  Is it because they have heard the Soul becomes a Saint, or do they apply this Gift of Divine Love to all that the individual stood for, participated in, and learned to obey, because of his or her understanding the Importance of the Soul that they were the custodian of from the moment of their conception until the present day?

As I close My Words to you, you must remember that within you there is a Portion of Me, never seen, never truly felt, but there is a conscience within each human being that tells them that what is right, what is wrong, must be seen for what it is; also, that within their understanding that a Supreme Power Exists, it is obvious that This Power is aware of all that is spoken, done, practiced, used by the physical of every living human being.

There is much responsibility to human life, and that is why I have given This Miracle of My Divine Love to man, making them aware of My True Existence and the Purpose of My Plan, to share with Me the Soul I gave, to give strength to human life, and to give it the ability to know that human life had a Goal that no other living matter or thing has or had.  So be it.”

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