ON OCTOBER 3, 2000 AT 12:50 PM


“I am God The Father.

You live in a time similar to the Time My Son walked the earth.  Men, women and children, in many ways, were void of sound understanding that they were created by a Divine Being, a Divine Entity of Power, Light, Knowledge, Wisdom.

I have given to the world a Gift of My Divine Love, through one voice perhaps, but because of the written Words that I Decreed to be necessary, is to give to the whole world of human life, Directions, Understanding, Guidance, that nothing else, or no one else could do.

My Love for human life is beyond what mankind understands love to be.  This Gift of My Divine Love puts My Love in many ways, many degrees, so that all manner of human concepts can relate to a Higher Being in control of All Things.

The world is in great turmoil mentally, morally, physically, spiritually, but it is only due to the fact, to the degree, that the weaknesses in human life allow it to be, basically catering to the enemy.

As I speak to you I can read your thoughts, over and above what you write as My Words.  There is no thought in any human mind I do not hear.  There is no action in a human being I do not see.  To understand the Power I Am would be impossible, but I have given human life a conscience, a mentality, a degree of understanding certain things.  I have given hope, and many, many abilities, making human life superior, above and beyond all other matter or things.

The Soul that I have instilled in each conception of human life is an unseen Portion of Me, thus giving to human life what human life was designed to have, and that is the ability to see purity over impurity, love over hate, beauty over ugliness, and truth over untruth.

I repeat many of My Things in different ways, so as to touch the minds of those who do not remember the first way, that hopefully one or two or three Words will spark more attention, and give to the individual or individuals, a fuller understanding of what is important for the Soul that he or she is the custodian of, and of course, more love for Me.

Rarely does anyone speak about Me in the degree beyond what they instinctively feel, but it is important that This Gift of My Divine Love, bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, never be ignored, because through This Holy Spirit of Mine, of Me, I have given to the world of mankind more than I have at any time, so directly.

As I close My Words to you today, or I should say at this moment, remember, you are the custodian of a Portion of Me, and that Portion is called ‘a Soul’.

Time is of the essence for all human life to more fully understand it has a Goal.

As I leave you, I bless you in a degree beyond what you understand a Blessing to be, but I beseech you to remember your life is a Gift of Divine Love, My Love, from Me.  So be it.”

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