ON OCTOBER 31, 2000 AT 12:05 PM


“At the time I decided to create human life, I had already prepared it to be more than all other things.

Human life was designed to be more like certain areas, facets and meaning than all other creations, so I placed into this creation a Portion of Me, and called It ‘a Soul’.

This Soul is More Special than any other portion of human life because within It, as It has a Portion of Me, It also has a Goal and a Future to living.

Though it is difficult for human beings to fully understand such an Entity of Divine Power, Divine Love, it is Fact and has a Purpose to all it is gifted with.

I will speak more on this at a later time, because it is important that human life realize the purpose of so many things that it is capable of doing, or understanding as the Foundation of My Will to enlighten the human mind to a Higher Privilege, Reason, Purpose and Goal.

Through time I have allowed so many steps of progress to be seen as human life being superior and having a Reason.

Much more will come on this soon.”

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