ON DECEMBER 12, 2000 AT 12:56 PM


“In the Creation of human life, I prepared all things for its existence, and for its ability to progress in a form, in a manner, and in a way that would give to human life the sensitivity to logic and the realization that each human being was gifted with a mind and an intellect.

In the beginning, the first human Creations of Mine were subjected to a learning stage that to those who live at this time would be astounded by, because of the difference in how the first man, woman and child used sound, and other sensitivities of the mind.

I have revealed so much through This Gift of My Divine Love regarding the Importance of human life.  It supersedes all other creations, and each thing I created had a reason, a purpose and a place, because of what it was and the purpose for which it was created.

To go back to the days wherein each step was taken to allow one more item to be created, it would be impossible for mankind, the human life, to fully understand so much that had to precede each item I found necessary for human life to be able to exist.

That is why the human life called ‘man’ is so Important to Me.  I place within this creation a Portion of Me, an intellect and the ability to learn, even though the first creations of this dimension did not have the full response, the full requirements that those who were created later were given.

In the human way, those who read My Words will understand how something must have a beginning, and then be able to have time to develop what is necessary to give capabilities to do many other things.

At this time I gave ‘one voice’, ‘one Message’, and with it I developed many areas, so that What I Willed the world of human life to know would one day be put into script, as I am now doing, because of the Importance of human life, and the Portion of Me called ‘a Soul’.

My Words on this subject could be lengthy, but it is important that What I have spoken be passed throughout the world, because the Creation of human life has not been held, is not being held in the Dignity and the Purpose for which I created it, bearing a Portion of Me called ‘a Soul’.

As I speak My Words on this day, those who read Them, must see in Them what a Close Relationship human life has with Me.”

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