ON JANUARY 22, 2001 AT 12:00 PM


“I am God The Father.  Mankind knows what a sin against Me is.  He ignores these offenses against That Portion within him that is a Portion of Me.

The world has been Blessed by This Gift of My Divine Love, because without This Gift, mankind would be only subject to the enemy who desires to take all wills of all human life, so that no Soul will be returned to Me in the State of Purity I Decree It to be.

I have chosen one small body to serve in ways that many are envious of, but this only shows the weakness of human beings, because they do not understand that I gave life to man for a Special Reason, and in this life I placed a Portion of Me, allowing human life to understand that there is an evil, and the evil must be cast aside, cast out before it is too late.

I hear men, women and children say, ‘Why does not God cast evil out?’ I could, but it is important in the free will of human life, knowing what is right, to choose only what is right, because without the ability to choose, human life would have no way of serving, no way of understanding, no way of earning Sainthood as the Goal.

I could speak hours on end through one small voice who serves Me day and night.  The world must see This Gift of My Divine Love for the Greatness It is, and the Divine Love that perpetuates It because of the Souls that are to be returned to Me as I Will Them, in Pure Light.  So be it.”

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