ON APRIL 5, 2001 AT 12:52 PM


“It is difficult for many to believe that I would speak through a human voice, but My Words prove Who I Am.

In the Creation of human life, My Plan was evident because of what human life was created to be like, and to be created to be returned to Me in what is known as ‘a Saint’.

The Power I come in with is difficult for the little one through whom I speak, because the body of human life physically is weak.

There are so many men, women and children who believe I Exist, but most times they forget, because to constantly be aware of Who I Am, What I Am, interferes with so many basic human ideas, ideals, plans.

I created human life with a mentality, and in this mentality, to know what is pure over what is impure, mentally above all things, and then in regard to many other things that human life would come in contact with.

You live in a difficult time.  It is not My doing.  The time, in so many ways, pleases the enemy of mankind, and this is disregarded because men, women and children ignore what is logical.  They ignore what is to be abhorred by their logical senses, to what is pleasing to Me.  I created human life for a Goal, to be returned to Me; the Portion, of course, is the Soul that is a Part of Me.  This subject is many times ignored, because We hear so many say, ‘Life goes on.’

I speak slowly, because the Power I radiate through this small body is difficult on her whole being.  Many changes must take place, not just in the minds of human life, but in the actions, the values, and the goals.

As I speak on this day, Several Saints surround Me, All desiring to give this little one I use, strength to endure the Power that I use to send through her My Words.  As I speak, The Heavenly Mother has a tear in Her Eye for what this child endures.

I have given to the world a Personal Gift, using My Spirit of Love for human life, and of course, All The Saints to speak on what is right, what is wrong, for the mental, the physical and the Spiritual of those who have been born in the human way.

The Commandments that I passed through one man a long time ago, are no longer The Rules that men, women and children uphold, and see for the purpose, the reason for which They were given a long time ago.  Granted, They have been reduced so that human beings of all ages could more fully understand the important point they decided was in each one of Them, but so little is emphasized on how each Commandment stood for a more complete understanding, covering every portion, every action, every thought, word and deed of a human life, thus more understanding of the importance of Purity that I Intended each Commandment to reveal in its fullest measure.

The Heavenly Mother many times fears for the Soul that is being abused because of the one in whom It was placed.  I created human life with a Portion of Me so that there would be no way that they would not have the ability to think purely, and be protective of the Soul.  I gave the responsibility willingly.

Today as I speak, there is a sadness, because throughout the world the word ‘Soul’, as a Portion of Me, means nothing, only an imaginary source of being.  Needless to say, I could speak endlessly on this subject alone.

I gave This Gift of My Divine Love that speaks All there is to be spoken by All Here in the Heavens with Me, because of the Importance of the Soul that I want returned to Me, because It is a Portion of Me.  No Greater Gift can a human being receive.

As I close, it is because My Power is so Great that the little one I use could not handle much more of My Divine Weight.  Her body is close to collapse, but I know her will is to accomplish My Will in every Task.  I will release her slowly.  It is important I do it this way.  So be it.”

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