ON MAY 16, 2001 AT 12:02 PM


“As I hold all things in place, I mean by this, the world and all the planets, plus all other things associated with these areas of importance.

I created human life to understand that within this Creation of Mine, I placed a Portion of Me, so that human life would have a greater understanding of the Goal I have given for it to attain, and that is a Portion of My Love, My Way, My Existence, to be returned to Me, a Saint.

Even though human beings cannot see this Gift of My Divine Love, they are consciously aware that as a human being, there is an Importance to their very existence.  This, of course, is the Soul of each one that is a Portion of Me, My Love and My Will that gives to human life a Special role.

I have given the world of mankind a Miracle.  Some say, ‘What kind of a Miracle are You speaking of?’ It is My Constant Closeness to human life that encourages human life to see right over wrong, purity over impurity, love over hate, and reasonability through these Gifts of My Divine Love, for them to better understand there is a Goal for the Souls of all living human beings.  I will speak more on this at the appropriate time.”

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