ON MAY 16, 2001 AT 4:35 PM


“Time is an important facet of human life, because it allows the mental and the physical to be productive in so many ways and on so many important issues.  It also allows human beings to become more learned in the Importance of this Gift of Divine Love, due to all human life is capable of achieving, and more understanding regarding this Gift that was created to one day return to The Creator in a Way and Manner to fulfill the Purpose for which it was created, a Goal to human life that is seen as Special, Important, and Worthy in many ways.  It is the Main Gift of human life.

The so-called ‘normal attributes’ of the human mind and capabilities of human abilities have much responsibility, because it is through them this life is useful, and innately bears hope, talents, interests and abilities that no other living matter or thing is the custodian of, making human life superior, more important, and promised a Future because of the innate Gift that is a Portion of The Creator, called ‘a Soul’.

The Gift of life is a Treasure beyond any physical gain or ability.”

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