ON MARCH 6, 2001 AT 1:19 PM


“I am Saint Peter.  The Father, in His Love for this Creation of His, called ‘human life’, has given to the world of human life a Blessing, directing all who are present at This Time in the History of human life, to more fully understand the importance of how they live, think, in every concept of human life’s Gifts.

Today as I speak, there is much sinfulness being practiced, some even to the point where it is a hobby.  Disrespect for The Commandments of The Creator is prevalent throughout the world.

There is very little discussion on These Rules that mankind was given to follow, because of the Soul each human life has.  It would be a sadness if These Commandments had not been given.  The Father thought of each facet important to the Soul.  That is why These Commandments were so deliberately announced a long time ago.  Before The Commandments, much was instilled in the human minds, giving strength to what was morally sound over and above what was impure.

In the beginning of time, human life instinctively knew certain facets of what was proper, and of course, what was improper for them to do, but as time went on, mankind, through the free will, began to ignore the importance of the need to practice what was logical, and not just temptation to the physical.  When the time came, and it was announced that each human life had a Soul, then more attention was given to this Factor, because it was beyond what human life understood.”

The Father says:

“Behold, I have given you life.  Behold, I have given you a Goal.  Behold, I have given you a Soul, and behold the innate understanding that you have the knowledge to know purity over impurity, right over wrong.

I Am All that is Purity, and I will Judge you accordingly.  Remember My Words, and remember also, I Am Just in how I Decree My Judgment to be.  So be it.”

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