ON MAY 7, 1999 AT 12:52 PM


There’s a Man smiling, and He says, “My Name is Saint Francis of Assisi.”

“On this day in your time, thousands, hopefully millions will learn through All that has been spoken through This Miracle of The Beloved Holy One, Saint Joseph, that life in the human way is a Gift of Divine Love, a Gift for a Purpose beyond any other living matter or thing.

Each of Us will speak.  We will not define which One of Us it is, but as We enter into this Communication, We bless each one that walks with this child, who believes in This Gift of Divine Love, and who desires to generate It throughout the world.

We hear all different degrees of human nature, intelligence, and Spiritual beliefs, desire to have insight into what The Divine is all about.  Most find the information they desire through reading what others have written.

Since This Particular Gift of The Divine Love was and is being passed through one voice, All Things have been put in a format that mankind of all degrees of intelligence can understand.  All that has been delivered does not just encourage men, women and children to seek Holiness, but to help them desire the Goal for which Holiness exists, and that is Sainthood.

If I were to say a Hundred Saints have spoken through This Miracle, the number would be incorrect, because even though the Names have not been announced, Thousands of Saints, known and unknown to mankind, have spoken in casual ways, sometimes firm ways, to individuals who had no idea Who was speaking to them, Who was caring so much for them, because of the Soul that each human being is the custodian of.

Today is a day of celebration to mankind, because of the Gift of life.  Compare this to the Precious Divine Gift of becoming ‘a Saint’, and each one has the opportunity to have this happen to their Soul Who bears their name for all of life.

So many Blessings pass through This Gift of The Father’s Love, because human life was created with a Soul, a Portion of The Creator, thus giving to human life a Special Gift of Divine Love.

We hear some say, ‘If I have a Soul, why can I not feel it?’ You do, in your abilities of knowledge, and in your ability to know what is morally right, morally wrong; also, the fact that it is innate in human life to feel that there is more to life than just living day by day until a given time, and then everything physical stops.

The Soul of every human being never dies, but returns to The Father representing the one in whom It was placed at the moment of conception.

As I leave you, I want you to know that This Gift of Divine Love, This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, is a Gift beyond what mankind can understand, or in any way comprehend the Greatness It is.  As I bless you at this moment, I say, ‘Many of Us send Our Blessing to you, each of you, on this day.’  So be it.”

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