ON OCTOBER 13, 1969 AT 11:45 AM


“How often have you approached man with My Name?  Count, and now I add, too few times.  Most of your conversation is directed to happenings of the day, of the family, of work you are involved in, and the troubles of friends, and yet, it is I Who gave you the words to speak, the voice to use, and the physical powers to live as man.

If a man were to enter this room and hand you one billion dollars, the world would know it.  Is this not so?  Why then are My Gifts taken for granted, or abused, or neglected, by lack of conversation, announcement, or such?

Man stifles man with worldly pressures, materialistic gains.  I term this ‘fraud among men’.  It is disheartening to have so much placed on nothing but self.  True happiness, true growth, true being, true purpose is in Me, My Way.  Too many men are sidetracking any discussion about Me.  It must stop.  It will stop, for I Will Stop It.

There are so many thousands who right this moment are frivolously accepting each other in small self-loving ways, egotistical waste, and emotional instability, weakness, lack of humility, flesh experiences, and idealistic morbidities.

I am opening a door and you feel My Presence.  You hear My Words and I say: ‘Do not let words, actions, weakness, stupidity, indifference, nonchalance, indignities, cause you to waver for one second in My Way.  I offer you My Love, I offer you My Direction.’ Need I say more?  So be it.”

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