ON OCTOBER 13, 1974 AT 9:50 AM


“I speak to the whole world through this child who, in many ways, is dependent upon man to serve in particular ways.  This little one whom I created, in which I instilled the Power of My Grace, through whom I speak openly, hopefully, lovingly, to every child standing upon the earth in your day, I transmit through her My Desires; I give Directions so children will not go astray.

I am coming to the world openly, for the first time this way.  Through My Son I gave Wisdom, Teaching.  Through Him I gave the Way to Here.  Through others who walked the human path, I revealed what I desired to be, what had to be for the good of man; but This Time, It is direct, instantaneously direct, and the child stands, constantly listening, never anticipating, only waiting to serve at her best.  The world will never know what Each Revealing takes from this child, for Each One is a test for her in obedience, trust.  Do not forget this.

I say to the world today that the whole of mankind must listen to the Revelations, to the Teachings that have come through thus far, for in Each One there is a path, a means and a manner to Me.  Each time that I speak or One of Mine speak, this child must listen attentively, and must express not her will but Mine.

The men who stand in high positions do not comprehend such a Miracle from The Divine, and do not truly have the Faith to believe that I would be this generous.  I say to all mankind: ‘Has not My Generosity in the past shown?  Has not My Love been given?  Then why would men decline to believe in This Great Phenomenon that only I could give, could Decree to be, for the good of mankind?’

This child through whom I speak is delicate in manner and yet carries a burden no man could.  The weight of One Revealing alone should startle the whole world.  The Power that is used, the Force of energy is One Alone, and yet I go through this child in a Power, with a Power that no man knows, and men take It for granted.

Oh, My children in the world, take nothing for granted, for when you do you become complacent, and the evil one, the enemy of Mine, can seep through, flow in.  Use the energies you have to combat him.  Stop sitting and doing nothing.  Stop desiring total rest.  Stop looking for only physical, human enjoyment.  The time in which you live is not for that.  The time in which you live is to truly stimulate life.

I send My Rays from the Heavens every day through this child, and as the Words flow through the world, men say, ‘Could It be true?’ It is up to you, individually, to say It is true.  Believe It, It is for the good of you.

Men shout, ‘There are Commandments,’ and I say to men of all races, all colors, all creeds, ‘I gave Those Commandments to a man, through a man, to give to thee.’ These Commandments I gave were for the whole world of mankind, not just a few, not just him, but for the whole world to be able to understand how to reach for purity, how to acquire it, how to be sustained by it, and to sustain in it what you are, what you are directed to.

This little one whom I use is far more than an instrument of My Power, My Direction.  She is a victim for mankind.  I must always send a victim to balance things out, but sometimes when her tears fall, the Angels pick them up, take them to Me and say: ‘Father, the little one is crying again.  The body is spent.’ And I smile at Them, for no one on earth knows the Love that is Here for this child who stands so alone in the world.

The Angels sometimes gather around her to spur her on, not to give in: ‘Don’t forget, it’s The Father’s Will, The Father’s Wish.’ And she quietly says to Them: ‘I know, do not fear, I do not want to forsake Him, but I am so tired, I am so weary, and I do love men.  I understand the problems they are faced with, the hurts they know, the fears they have, and the abuses they accept.  Ask God to help them have the strength to go on when all things are dim and black.’

The Angels carry the message and they say, ‘She is once again, Heavenly One, trying to intercede for men.’ I smile and say, ‘Go back and comfort her, for the Plan I have designed has only begun and she will need the energy to carry on.’ So the Little Ones go back, walk around her chair, stay over her head, and when the tiredness comes, They say, ‘Wake up now, it is not yet time to go to bed.’

Oh, My world of children, oh, children in the world, know that suffering has to be for children to better understand, but bear in mind, that as I have given to the world a Great Miracle straight from Here, Direct, I have given mankind a Project so that others who come of a later date, in a later time, will be helped by This Great Miracle from The Divine.  It is a Miracle of Now, but a Miracle of Tomorrow.  It is a Miracle to give Strength for the coming years ahead.

Always, when I come with a Great Miracle for man, it is always for the present and the future of My Plans; remember this.  Go back into History, look at every Great Miracle I sent to the world.  It was for the present, but also for the years to come, many in number.  This Time, the parallel is to those who have gone in the past, but the Direction is to the Heart of Heaven, Where I am.

I want children to hear this Great Revealing.  I want children to know about This Great Miracle.  I want children, not to understand It but to accept It in Faith, and see the Hope in It, see the Beauty of It, see the Peace and Magnitude that I bring with My Revealing of Facts.

Through this child I have Blessed many men.  Through this child I bless the whole world on this day and every day she speaks to them.  I bless with My Love, I bless with My Heart and I bless with My Light.  So be it.”

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