ON SEPTEMBER 6, 1992 AT 2:25 PM


“I address you as My children.  I speak through a delicate human being.

It is true, I one day took her heart and joined it with Mine.  I took her personality, put it in the Tabernacle for safekeeping, so it would always remember to reflect Mine.  I took her nature, and I add:  she gave none of this willingly.  I joined it with Mine.  I requested she say to Me, offering Me her will; at first she declined, but after much persuasion she submitted to The Divine.

No man upon the earth fully understands This Gift of Divine Love I have given to the world.

She walks with you, she responds to all earthly things.  Her understanding of human nature, the importance of it, is My Understanding of human nature, many, many times.

Many times people look at her, and then they look again, because they feel something but they do not fully comprehend.  They accept her light manner as genteel, gentle, but there is more to it, they innately feel; they do not understand.

Though only thousands of Books are being presented to mankind, thousands and thousands more must be presented for the necessity that I Desire so that mankind will realize and recognize the Purpose for which life was begun.  It is a privilege for mankind to walk the human road, because you see, each one has within him or her a Particular Portion of Me.

It will be denied by many, but this lack of understanding will not stop this little one through whom I speak from standing firm in her will to obey My Will, for her will is never weak.

Why would I use someone like this, when I have All the Power to do all things?  I do it this way because man can relate to her and her little being; they can feel and understand the manner in which she speaks.

I use a human voice and I Direct the Words to be written, so millions of others not present at the time the Words pass through her, will have the benefits from What I Will them to know, to follow, and to see as Valuable Truths, Directions, coming from Me.  Logic says it would not be a way for her, because of the Content, Intentions and Directions that are passed through her for mankind to receive.

Many men will argue about This Miracle of Divine Love, because they will feel jealous, neglected, or be superior in their judgments.  They will do many things that will not be kind, or visible.  Man’s inner emotions, man’s feeling of superiority, will in many ways show arrogance, defiance, anger and ugliness.

She is prepared by Me, and I Stand with her, because of My Concern for mankind’s inadequacy to trust how I would use such a little one to walk for Me.

I Am The Father, and whether man believes it or not, I Am The Judge, The Judgment, The Truth and The Way.
So be it.”

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