ON DECEMBER 10, 2001 AT 1:08 PM


“I am your Heavenly Mother.

This Gift of The Father’s Love for all of mankind is a Gift beyond what any human being can possibly, fully comprehend.  A Gift comparable to This was the time He walked the earth in a human way, teaching and giving to men close to Him the privilege to work with Him, and to fully understand that human life was gifted with Divine Plan.

If there was no Goal to human life, no reason for purity of the mind, would not human life be like animal life, not able to judge or to mentally use an intellect to more fully understand all there is for human life to learn about, to practice, to be a part of, and to know that human life has a Goal?

This Statement should be easy for all ages to understand, because it is innate in the human mind to want to do many things, to learn about many things, to understand the value of what they have, what they are, what they do, and also, to understand that they are different than all other things created, because other things do not have the mentality or the reality of all that surrounds them, what it is for, and how it will help them mentally, physically, morally.

An animal does not think of morals.  Trees do not think; they grow, and no matter how beautiful they are, they are merely a plant in the ground to aid the lives of human beings in some form, some way, some degree, that gives to human beings what they need, whether it be shade or something in a decorative manner, or there are several other things, bearing fruit.

I could go on endlessly on all the things that are created to help human beings of all ages in how they live, how they think.

Today as I speak, I speak differently, because The Father has given to the world a Gift of Assurance to human life, and also the understanding to realize that human life has a Portion of life within them that will remain when the physical no longer exists.  This Life, of course, is called ‘the Soul’, a Portion of The Creator, because of Divine Love for human life.

As I leave you, always remember, I am only a thought away, and when you pray, your prayers are heard, no matter what you say.”

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