ON AUGUST 27, 2001 AT 12:48 PM


“You have heard this Statement before: ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’

Many people of all ages reading these Words become angry, because they do not like those Words brought to their attention.  Some even say there were many ugly times, immoral times in the History of human life.  There is no question about this.  Basically, though, every time in the History of human life had times to be ashamed of.

In the Creation of human life, The Father gave to human life a free will.  Even in the very beginning human beings had to learn many things.  They had to learn how to judge their movements and others’ movements.  They had to learn how to associate with other living human beings.  They had to acquaint themselves to the circumstances that they were surrounded with.  All things did not begin with the advancements that mankind has in these times, in your day.

Human life was created out of a Gift of Divine Love, willing to share the Beauty of What The Father Was Surrounded With, Who He Was With, and Who He Was Initially.

Stories are very important to human beings.  Some are entertaining, some are for mere conversation, and some are very enlightening in concept, in content.

All of Us Saints Here in the Heavens lived in the human form in some way, some manner, some degree, and in some part of the world.  Granted, much has never been spoken about the times before human life was created, because it would be impossible for the human mind to understand the full concept that existed.

As We gather with you to give you What We feel will help millions of human beings become more enlightened, more understanding, in areas that they do not come in contact with every day in a very physical one-to-one basis, Many of Us are every place you are, because as Saints, We are not just attentive to where the Souls exist, but We, in Our Way, are able to see all that is occurring in human ways.

How I speak today may be difficult for some to understand, but nonetheless, it is a small introduction to how close We are to wherever you are.

To define what life is after one’s death would be impossible for human beings to fully understand, because walking the human road, most times, totally ignores the Fact that every human being has a Portion of The Creator within them.  It is called ‘a Soul’.

Without this Soul, there would be no reason to have intellect, or sound reasoning on what to do, how to act, what to say; also, there would be no need for a language, or all the other things that a human being uses to exist, also to communicate, also to learn more, using the mind to absorb, to understand, and to be able to put together the rationalization of all that is created, that is allowed to be seen as a part of human life.

The Father has given to the world a Gift different, bearing the Name of What mankind remembers as a human being, but in reality, the Man called ‘Joseph’ was and is More than a human being.

Many reading These Words will find fault, and perhaps desire to argue facts, because no human being can fully comprehend the Magnitude of Power that The Creator of All Things has.

The world has been Blessed at This Time, as in other times.  This Time, The Beloved Saint Joseph is The One that The Father Wills human beings of all degrees of intellect, all backgrounds, to know more about, and to more fully understand that logic would automatically tell them, that to allow a man to be The Husband of The Heavenly Queen, and The Foster Father of The Son of The Creator, had to be Something More than a human being.

That is why This Miracle has been given to the world, to enlighten the minds of millions and millions of men, women and children of all backgrounds, to more fully understand that The Divine is not a natural form of life.  It is Above the natural form of life, but through learning about The Divine, men, women and children can more fully understand that to be created as man must have a Goal for Something within them that they cannot see, they cannot feel, but It is obviously there.  Yes, It is called ‘a Soul’.

Volumes could be written on this subject, and it is important that All that has been delivered thus far, from the First Announcement of This Gift of Divine Love, it is important that mankind receive What All of The Heavens has so generously released.

As I close My Words, I will say one last thing at this time:  Never let a day go by that you do not remember that to be created in the human way was and is a Gift of Divine Love beyond any other thing created, because within human life there is a Portion of The Creator with a very easy Name to remember, called ‘the Soul’.  So be it.”

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