ON MAY 26, 2000 AT 12:55 PM


“There are Several of Us Saints present here with you today.  I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori.  Close by is Saint Peregrine, Saint Dominic, Saint Aloysius, Saint John Vianney, Saint Peter, Saint Joseph, and Many more.

They tell Me not to mention Their Names, because the list would be endless, due to the fact that All The Saints in Heaven partake in This Gift of The Father’s Love for the Souls of all of human life.

It is important that All that has been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love be scattered throughout the world.  Do not be concerned about the language barrier, only about those who must be alerted to the fact that The Father has Decreed This Time for mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, all degrees of intellect, to be aware of the Presence of The Divine at all times, no exceptions to the word ‘times’.

A Blessing of This Magnitude is unrealistic to many human beings, but I take you back, or I should say, We take you back to the Time when The Son of The Creator walked the earth.  His Life touched all lives.  More things occurred than have been written about this Time.  The awareness of His Presence was indepthly instilled in even the most critical of human beings.

At this time that I speak to you, you must pass All that has gone forth through Words and allow nothing to stand in your way, or no one, because as the Apostles were important in Their time, all who partake in This Gift of Divine Love, and are given the privilege to print What is spoken by so Many Here in the Heavens, have the responsibility to enforce Much, Many, All of The Things that have been put into script, available to every human being alive, and those yet to be born.

What has occurred at this time in which you live is a Gift beyond human comprehension, but a Gift of Divine Origin for the sake of millions of Souls at the present time, and Those yet to come.  When I say the last few Words, it means Those yet Who will be appointed to human individuals and will be responsible for all that a human individual practices in his or her time of life.

Impurities of the mind, the body, are prevalent throughout the world.  Men, women and children ignore the fact that the impurity harms more than their physical or their mental, but it reflects in his or her Soul.

If there were no Souls attached to human life, human life would be like all other living matter or things.  Grass has no Soul, a bush has no Soul, a tree has no Soul, animals do not have Souls.  The sun doesn’t have a Soul.  The moon doesn’t have a Soul.  The stars do not have Souls.  The dirt in the earth has no Soul.

Human life has been gifted far beyond what the average human being realizes, and that is why This Gift of Divine Love, with so much Instruction regarding Saints and Sainthood, is so Important.  It is to awaken the human mind of all ages to realize that human life is a gifted Gift of Divine Love, giving to human life many abilities, plus a conscience, plus a will to choose purity over impurity, right over wrong, good over evil.

So few human beings even think of the responsibility of human life.  It is important that This Gift of Divine Love, This Miracle of Hope, be spread throughout the world in all languages, so no one has an excuse to not know that they have an Important Gift of Divine Love within them, called ‘the Soul’.

There are so many Words that could be spoken at this time, so many Beautiful Lessons, Directions, but at this point in time, All that has been put into script is a Gift of Divine Love, and should be passed throughout the world to enlighten those who have nothing else to instruct them, because strength is needed to each man, woman and child to more fully understand that human life is a Gift beyond what it is seen to be as just man.

As I leave you, I beseech you to spread All that has been put into script in This Gift of The Father’s Love, because It has been given to the world to cause an Awareness of the Importance that human life has within it a Soul, a Portion of The Creator, that must never be marred, made impure, because it is that Gift of Divine Love that will return to The Father when the living part of human life no longer exists.  This Gift of Divine Love is beyond any jewel, any possession a human being can have.  So be it.”

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