ON OCTOBER 5, 2001 AT 12:43 PM


“Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  Saint Peregrine.  Saint Alphonsus Liguori.  Saint Josaphat.  Saint Teresa of Avila.  Saint Maria Goretti.

As I speak through this little one, I do not mention My Name, because there are so Many of Us standing Here with her, because of the Importance of This Gift of The Father’s Love for not just the Souls of human beings, but the bodies and the minds.

It is so difficult for some to instruct children on what is moral, what is immoral.  Oftentimes they feel that to mention the immoral would cause a lot of impure thoughts, actions, ideas, but today as We All gather and know how much resistance there is to Truths, to purity of the mind and the body, We All agree protection is sometimes misleading, and the children are led to make decisions different than they would have, had they known more in-depth understanding of the wording.

As Several of Us speak, sometimes it appears as though One is speaking, but in truth We gather as a group, as human beings many times do, thus permitting What We say to be the Thoughts, the Privilege, and the Truth to be understood by all who write the Words, read the Words, because as We Saints walked the earth with different personalities, natures, characteristics, ideals, and degrees of intellect, We sometimes find it more helpful to those who write Our Words, read Our Words, to feel the Opinions more indepthly, the Directions more indepthly.

The Father allows this to be, because in human life, all ages, there is a great need for direction, and All of Us Saints have permission from The Father to, in some ways We call it ‘Direction’.  Some may feel the impact of a Word, others present may not see it, but will find another Direction in some other Word or Words in What We speak.

You do live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  It is difficult to believe that anything could be worse than this time in the History of human life, but nonetheless, ‘The time now,’ as it has been spoken before, ‘is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’

In these words, ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’, the first thing that comes to most minds regarding these words, are words that refer only to the body, not to the minds, because of the stories that were written about Sodom and Gomorrah, but time now is of the essence for all ages to prepare to more fully understand that within them they have a Portion of The Creator.  It is logically there.  What else would give human life the innate knowledge of what is pure over what is impure, what is just over what is unjust, what is kind over what is unkind, what is valuable over what is worthless?

In the Creation of human life, The Father gave many Gifts that in most individuals are ignored, passed over, because they become so steadfast in the rules they set up for themselves in the subject matter they choose is what they will all things to be like, ignoring totally the right and the wrong, the good and the evil, the purity from impurity.

I hold the little one tightly, because All We speak is difficult on her in ways inconceivable to anyone else.  Her listening is not how you know listening to be.  It is Our Presence that causes it to be this way.  She does not hear Our voices, or the rustle of Our garments, only the Power of Our Existence that is so different than what a human being feels as a presence of another human being.

Children are not being instructed on the importance of truth.  There is not enough emphasis put on their remembering the value of understanding what is pure over what is impure, what is just over what is unjust.

No parent would say to their child, ‘Eat that food, it is tainted, but it is all right to eat, all right for you to eat.’ Remember also, that children learn from those who they are with, all ages.

I could speak hours on the Importance of This Gift of The Father’s Love, and the world has been Blessed by so much previous Instruction, but The Father’s Love for human life is endless, and He uses every type of Wording, because it is necessary to reach all different personalities, natures, backgrounds, and forms of intention, goals.

As We close These Words today, I beseech you to see All that has been delivered through This Gift of Love, beyond human ability, because the world is in a desperate need for the Words to be seen, understood, and realized as being from The Divine, not just a human mind.”

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