ON NOVEMBER 13, 2000 AT 1:05 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.  I am Saint Gregory the Great.  I am Saint Anastasia.  I am Saint Paul of The Cross.  I am Saint John.”

There’s a whole group of Them.  They’re smiling.  There are so Many of Them.

“Child, there are Many More of Us present than you could account for at this moment.  The world has been Blessed abundantly by This Gift of Divine Love in which so Many Saints desire to speak, encouraging those who are still alive in human life.”

There are so Many of Them I can’t keep track.  They are All smiling.

“The child is overpowered by so Many of Us being present at one time, but We want you to think about this:  Heaven is this way all the time.  There are Thousands and Thousands and Thousands of Saints available to serve The Father.  We are not in body form as you see, as you know body form to be, but Our Presence does take space.

You live in a time wherein so little Faith in The Divine shows or is expressed openly.  The Value of human life is indescribable because there are so many facets in human life that are Gifts of Divine Love:  the ability to think, the ability to speak, the ability to understand what is right over what is wrong, what is pure over what is impure in thoughts, actions, understanding.

Many of Us are present here today and it is difficult for the little one through whom We speak, because the Weight of Our Presence is demanding to her in a way and understanding inconceivable to the human mind.  When a human being speaks of weight, they speak of body weight.  Our Weight is Supernatural Weight, different in many ways.

Some of Us will walk away to make this time lighter on the little one and less of a distraction to her, for the Words to be spoken that will give Aid, Instruction, Hope, to millions of people throughout the world.

The Father has given to the world a Gift Greater than mankind understands a Gift as This is to be.  A Gift of This Measure is to encourage the minds of millions of men, women and children to more fully understand the Plan for which human life was created, and that is to share Eternity with The Holy Three.

There are so many reasons for This Miracle that began a very, very long time ago in a very quiet manner, using one Soul, one body, to deliver to millions, The Father’s Will, helping all ages to more fully understand that they are the custodian of a Portion of The Creator, that no one human could fully understand.

We hear human beings say, ‘My heart is beating.’ That is true.  The beat of the heart says life exists, and in this life there are responsibilities mentally, morally, physically and spiritually.  Without the beat of a heart, all things end in a physical way, but the Soul is the recipient of all that occurred, and the Soul goes on to live in the Spiritual Way.

The Father gave to human life a Soul, a Portion of Himself, indescribable but obviously there, because logic says to human beings of all ages, all cultures, that human life has a Purpose, a Goal, and on a particular day at a particular time, the Soul will be the only Living Part left.

We are All speaking differently today, but it is important for you to understand that human life was created for a Purpose different than other things that mankind would have to depend upon, such as animal life, vegetable life, air, and all the things pertaining to what air is all about.  There are so many things that a human being is dependent upon, and takes everything for granted.

There are millions of Words We could deliver at one time, describing the whole universe, describing so many Reasons for human life, but the human minds of all individuals could not comprehend what is beyond human life, because of living as a human being, everything was to assist the human life to exist, to carry on.  Many things were very important, and some things very enlightening, interesting, giving to human life an energy of understanding, and an energy of commitment, and an energy of enjoyment.

As I leave you, it is important for you to know:  Human life has Purpose, because within it, it gives hope.  Its very existence says that there is Something to live for, not just success in the human way, but Greater in an unknown form.  Human life is a Blessing Greater than anyone understands, but be assured, it is a Special Gift of Divine Plan.  So be it.”

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