ON SEPTEMBER 11, 1976 AT 12:15 PM


“Many people throughout the world could not be termed religious.  Many are, in essence, sanctimonious, indifferent, and paganistic in their views.  Throughout the world, people are being instructed in, convinced of the fact that the God they learned about, felt existed, cannot be.  The theory behind this is motivated by satan, God’s enemy.

Let Me describe to you a man who believes in the One True God.  He is a man of Faith, a man of justice, and one in which, through which, by which, other men feel sincerity in how he walks, integrity in how he works, and dignity in every movement of his way.  He is not self-righteous but his person bears with it right.  He does not condemn but he does have the strength to reject what he knows is against his beliefs and his Goal of life.  Many men are envious of this person because he seems to know where he is going, feel what he has, and the strength to stand up for what he believes in.

I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori.  The greatest prayer that men in the world can say is this:

‘God, help me to stand how I must, how You Will it to be.  God, help me to trust only in You.  God, give me the courage to face the tests.  God, help me to be humble so I can teach other men.

God, thank You for The Commandments that You gave to all men, The Rules of life, for without Them I would have no guidelines to follow; I would have been deserted because, in my littleness, there would have been no direction.  Thank You for loving mankind so much You took the time to send the Direction for us to reach perfection.

I love You, God, in my own way.  Please help me to never stray.  And, when I let go of Your Hand, please God, reach further out to me, for remember, I am only man.’  So be it.”

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