ON OCTOBER 27, 2000 AT 1:00 PM


“I am Saint Catherine of Siena.  I am Saint Rose of Lima.  I am Saint Barbara.  I am Saint Therese of Lisieux.

All of Us join in delivering to you The Father’s Love for human life, for all nationalities, all degrees of intellect, all personalities, all backgrounds that denote a country, a place.

The world has been Blessed with so much Divine Love through This Gift of The Father’s for human life.  It has been a very long time in the History of human life that so much has been delivered, intentionally instructing on the Importance of human life, because of the Soul that each human life is the custodian of.

Though many individuals brazenly speak: ‘I do not believe I have a Soul.  I never see It, I never feel It.  It’s just someone’s word that has been handed down through time,’ the Soul is obvious through the fact that each human being knows what is morally sound, pure, what is immoral, and in many ways is detrimental to an inner portion of the mind, of the body, that obviously shows, but is rarely spoken of.

This Gift of Divine Love is of such Great Importance because It is so clearly stating so many beautiful Facts about human life, and the responsibilities attached to human life that no other living matter or thing obviously has.

Today as We gather here with you, it is with The Father’s Love sending All of Us in a group, because as you sit with each other there are many facets of what you say, what you do, that affect the others with you.  You cannot see it nor can you feel it, nor is it an obvious thing in your midst, but think about it.  What you radiate causes another individual to respond in some source, force, manner, degree.

Let us take one thing:  If you smile at someone, isn’t it rare that they do not smile back at you?  If you call attention to yourself by saying ‘Hello,’ does not the other individual usually respond, even if they are surprised at your communication?

All dimensions of human beings, by dimensions I mean mentality, age, characteristics, abilities, and many other things, are obviously noted, remembered, and oftentimes imitated to the point where the individual does not realize they are imitating you, but it was something that attracted them, and unknowingly they use it.

When children gather and they are happy, one note from one child can cause an unhappiness in the group, because the nature of human life responds immediately, most times, to what it is presented with.

In The Father’s Design of This Gift of His Divine Love, He has designed It to be one voice, but He has in many ways encouraged many individuals to partake in It, to be a part of It, and to be the deliverers of It through the written Words; but also, a very important point:  example transfers to other people quicker, stronger than most individuals realize, because by nature people imitate what pleases them, what they feel is encouraging to them.

This Gift of The Father’s Love has included so many individuals in a personal way, because through all who are involved in It, example will spread, but also the Importance of What has been spoken, written, will have a greater chance to be seen by millions of human beings who, without those who are close to This Miracle of Divine Love, one voice could not penetrate like the sound of others’ belief, practices, initiative, hope, understanding; and never underestimate the written Word.

That is why it is so important that so much be put into script, for millions who did not have the advantage of being present, will be able to read What The Father Wills them to know.  He uses one instrument, but then He uses all of those who have the Faith to understand the Power of such a Gift, because each one who walks with this little one is an extension of Divine Love for the sake of the Souls of millions of men, women and children presently, and yet to come.  So be it.”

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