ON AUGUST 14, 1998 AT 1:30 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.

Since the beginning of the Creation of mankind, known as ‘human life’, mankind learned many things through the thought mechanism of the human mind, in how to take care of oneself under all circumstances, how to accommodate one’s immediate needs.

Granted, many times there was a great struggle to accomplish what was necessary to take care of the physical body.  Human needs today are of a great importance, as they were in the beginning of human life, but mankind, with so much advancement in material things, physical matters, and extensive learning in so many fields, mankind sometimes ignores the basic rules, the basic understandings of what human life truly consists of.

There is so much emphasis on progress, being successful, and being well-known publicly, that mankind has lost much of the art in moral behavior, much of the sound reality of what moral behavior means to every part of the physical body.  We rarely hear a conversation based on sound moral views, standards, acceptances, resisting of course the responsibilities of them, because morality is an extension of intellect, of human behavior, and human decisions on many subjects, for many reasons.

Today as I speak, I speak with a deep Understanding of the importance of what occurs on major decisions in the human mind, and that the human mind does not always respond morally correct, or morally acceptable to The Commandments of God.  When The Commandments were first given, those who listened to Them being delivered, realized that These Commandments were not for them alone, but for all generations to come.  Needless to say, each Commandment was so indepthly spoken, and left no option out regarding the necessity of obedience to it.

Today as I speak, the legacy of fully understanding The Commandments of God has diminished to such a concise, orderly form, that They cover very little of what the human mind or body is capable of, or practices in daily life.

When We hear individuals examine their conscience, very little time is spent on the in-depth meaning of each Commandment, and this is sad, because it is necessary for mankind to fully understand that These Commandments were given to mankind to fulfill the acts of respect for the mind, for the body, and for the Soul of themselves, and to be example to all others.  We never hear a sermon, a talk, or any subject matter that goes indepthly on the Greatest Guides for human life that mankind was personally, is personally the recipient of.  Conciseness very often omits the soundness in a subject, the greatness in a subject, the full meaning of the subject.

The Father has given to the world at ‘this time’, a Miracle of His Divine Love, and has allowed and instructed so Many of Us to take part in This Gift of His Divine Love, delivering to all races, all cultures, all creeds of human life, the Importance for which human life was created, and reminding mankind that within each human life, no matter what part of the world the individual is born, no matter what degree of intelligence an individual has absorbed, the Most Important Factor is for each human life to be aware of That Portion of life that belongs to The Father.  The word for This Portion of life is not difficult for man to speak or to remember.  The word is called ‘Soul’.

We hear men, women and children discuss their relationship with others like themselves that they feel close to, and they call themselves ‘soul mates’.  These words have a strength in them to the individuals who speak them.  Mankind must remember there is no Greater Gift of Divine Love than the Soul that unites man with The Creator.”

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