ON OCTOBER 5, 1998 AT 1:16 PM


“The History of Spiritual understanding goes back thousands and thousands of years.  When it first came to light, individuals of all ages questioned what this feeling was, what this understanding was, of the correctness in how one should think, should speak, should act toward others.

Spiritual understanding was not from the beginning of time, as man knows it to be.  Instinctively, human life related to what was good, what was not morally sound, and yet they did not use the word ‘moral’.  They depicted it more of a feeling or an act of unkindness, not proper.  This period of thinking goes far, far, far back.

Mankind, in this time of life, has the privilege to more fully understand what is good, what is wrong, and how mankind should respond to the good rather than to what is tainted in any way, tinged with impurity in some form, some degree.

I speak differently at this time than All Other Revelations that have passed through This Gift.  It is to enlighten mankind of the beginning of human life to a degree, but not to its fullest degree, of how mankind truly felt, acted, responded, and felt the results of what human life participated in morally.  Most of the thinking resulted in the personal contacts through speech, also through the physical needs for human life.

I hear some say this goes back many, many, many, many, many years.  In the beginning of mankind, yes it does, but I bring this up today to show you how Blessed you are to live at the time in which you live, having the privilege of learning in such detail the Importance of human life, the responsibilities of human life, and the Goal for which it was created.

Mankind, at this time, tries to ignore the Importance of a Creator, because it automatically says ‘Greatness’, also ‘Some Close Connection’ that will demand mankind to more fully understand that morality must supersede immorality in every facet of human life.

All Here with Me smile as I speak These Words, because up to this time, All that has been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love has addressed the Importance of the Soul, What It means, and the Goal that this Soul is destined to one day be Judged.

Many, many, many years ago, mankind lived in a state of human control, thus not realizing nor being able to understand that The Creator of All Things created All Things for a Purpose, for a Reason other than just what human life experienced daily, or understood to be what human life was all about.

What I have just spoken is unusual I know, but it is important that mankind understand that time has allowed mankind many privileges, and the Greatest One is that through This Miracle, the Soul has been spoken about, described, and applied as the Most Important Issue of human life, because It is a Portion of The Creator, and This is what is to be returned to The Creator in a Pure State of Being.

There have been many degrees of learning since the beginning of human life, many important times, and of course, the most expressive one was the Time of The Holy Family, because This Time gave to mankind ‘a close physical union’, and from that time on, mankind began to learn more about the importance of what human life was created for, the importance of The Commandments of The Creator, the importance of purity of all actions, all thoughts, and the Goal for which human life was created:  to return to The Father a Portion within human life that is a Portion of The Creator, never seen by human life, but logic to human life, because human life is always shown as an ‘ultimate creation’, having knowledge, understanding, and the belief in what is right over what is unsound, impure, incorrect, and could please only the enemy of God and man.

Today as I speak, it is to awaken mankind, those who need the awakening, that human life was designed and created for a Higher Goal, and that is why it was gifted with a Soul, helping mankind to more fully understand the logic that mankind should value, because within each human life there is a Gift that connects human life to The Divine, and The Divine to human life.

What I have spoken must travel throughout the world, because so many try to ignore the Value of the Gift of human life, the devastation through so much immorality, so much jealousy, so much hate, so much envy, so much lack of respect for this Gift that is the only Gift that has a Goal to live Forever, bearing the background, the name of the individual, by the Soul that will be with The Father in Heaven.  So be it.”

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