ON OCTOBER 13, 1998 AT 12:54 PM


“I am Saint Bonaventure.

One of the most important questions that mankind requires at this time is the formal education of another human being, always stressing the importance of it, and how valuable it is.

How many individuals throughout the world think of asking another individual, of what degree they feel their moral values could be termed that ‘Sainthood was inevitable’?

As We Saints walked the human role, and Many of Us Who placed much importance on Spiritual practices, goals, values, We felt that though We did not feel wealthy in the terminology that wealthy reflects, but there was a sense of calmness even when We were in great Spiritual dilemma, because when an individual thinks of the necessity regarding the importance of morality over immorality, justice over injustice, purity over impurities, care over neglect, and that everything has a point of accountability, We smile when We hear individuals say, ‘Practice makes perfect.’

There is no place throughout the whole world of human life that so much is being dictated, delivered, and extensively spoken about as there is through This Gift of The Father’s Love that is a Gift beyond what mankind could ever give to another human being.

Human life has many Gifts:  the Gift of procreation, the Gift of learning about many things, the ability to practice in interesting talents, or the Gift of being able to understand that life has a Great Purpose, a Great Goal, and that every individual born has within them a Portion of The Creator, making human life superior to any other living thing or matter.

When The Father Decreed that it was time for This Gift of His Divine Love to be handed to the world, This Gift bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, a Gift of constant Instruction, never omitting One Important Fact, so that men, women and children of all natures, all degrees of intellect, all backgrounds, all talents, would have the benefit of learning that there is a Goal for life, Greater than any goal in the human way, The Father, in His Love, has given mankind a new lease on life, a complete Description of which human life is the recipient of, because of the Soul that is a Portion of the creation of every individual born.

Granted, going back hundreds of years, thousands of years, mankind had abilities, sensitivities, and degrees of intellect; also, they understood what was morally sound, morally unkind, and much of this was based on the time in which they lived, or the place in which they were much a part of, as far as mentalities of those who surrounded them, and also the innate urge to be successful humanly and materially.

Today as I speak, I speak in a format, in a manner, in a way, communicating to all ages, all degrees of intellect, all backgrounds.  Mankind must understand that they are the recipients of The Greatest Miracle The Father has allowed mankind to have in his or her midst, in thousands of years.

Mankind tries to find errors in All that has been delivered.  This oftentimes is encouraged by the enemy of God and man, because human logic understands when a Gift is beneficial, and gives strength and encouragement to excel, to apply, and fully understand the Importance of What is spoken, What is directed, What is promised.

When Any of Us speak and ask Our Words to be put into script, mankind must understand and also believe, that This Gift of The Father’s Love is a Gift beyond what mankind could give to each other.  A Blessing comes with Every Message, and many times, whether you are aware of it or not, it shows in your communication with each other, and to those who are not present when Our Messages are delivered.

There are many different types of Blessings that mankind is the recipient of.  The Greatest Blessing, at This Time in the History of human life, is that This Blessing is instructing in a Loving Gift of Words, how Special human life is, and the Purpose for which it was created, reminding mankind that a Portion of Divine Love is instilled in each human life at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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