ON MARCH 6, 2000 AT 1:08 PM


“I am Saint Bonaventure.  It is with deep Love I speak today, because What I am about to say is important for the Souls of millions of young people throughout the world.  There is so much poor example being passed on to them, that they are not able to discern what an Important Thing life is, in many ways.  It is time that all that is immoral cease.

I hear some who read These Words say, ‘It would be impossible to even decrease immorality throughout the world, because it is prevalent in many ways, and wears disguises by many prominent people.’ This statement is true, but I add to this:  Change comes easy to human beings when they desire to make changes, so this change of attitude, actions, thoughts, speech, would be much easier to do than any individual cares to think about, or dares to think about, because it would change his or her association with other people.

We see so much indifference to what immorality does to the mind, to the physical, and of course, to the Soul, but also to the reputation of an individual, how others see them, feel about them.  Men, women and children oftentimes follow what others do, only because they feel that it is natural, normal, and expected to be like others.  Rarely are the consequences a matter of thought, because consequences are something people of all ages rarely attach to what they say, do, think, feel, or take part in.

The Father has given to the world a Gift of Instruction in all Degrees, for all degrees of intelligence, all degrees of Faith in a Creator, all degrees in what human life was created for, all degrees of communication with others like themselves, and of course, all ages are involved in making decisions:  proper, improper, pure or impure, right or wrong.

Today as I speak, it is important that All that has been delivered thus far through This Gift of The Father’s for human life, be passed throughout the world, not being overly concerned with distance, language, beliefs, intellects or different conditions, living conditions that others are acclimated to, or climatized to.

So Many of Us have spoken in rather short Notes, so that those reading These Messages will not have to delve into volumes to find the important Facts.

As I leave you I want you to know:  It is important that All that has been delivered verbally, put into script, is important for all Souls of all degrees of purity or impurities, because the Soul is in need of help, even though the Soul is not the One or Entity of Life who committed the wrongs or impurities, but the Soul is the recipient of all that an individual does in their daily life, regarding the morality or immorality, the purity or the impurities, because you see, the Soul is a Gift of Divine Love that no other living matter or thing is the custodian of.

I beseech all human life to cherish the Soul, for It is a Living Gift of Love, Hope, Life and Light to every human life created.  So be it.”

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