ON FEBRUARY 11, 2000 AT 1:12 PM


“There are Two of Us with this little one on this day.

I am Saint Catherine Laboure.

I am Saint Catherine of Siena.

The world in many places, in many ways, is in moral decay.  To most men, women and children this Statement would not make sense, because in their practical way of life they do not see that each moment of every day they are subjected to times of commitment in everything they do, everything they speak, and always, if they are with others, or a group of others, they are more apt to say many things that they would not act out at other times.

Each of Us speak through this little one and do not always announce Our Names.  It is this way with All The Saints, because Our Names draw attention, and it is important that the subject matter have attention in a manner and way pleasing to The Creator.

The reason the child hesitates in These Words is because We are talking amongst Ourselves as We speak through her.  Sometimes Our Appearance can cause a distraction, and there are other times the Appearance of the One Who is speaking through her is held from her, because of how easy it is to be distracted by what you see over what you are listening to.

We both smile as We say These Words, because of the concentration she places on truth, facts, that are applicable to what is important, what is necessary, what is truth, and what is proof of Our Presence.

The Father, at ‘this time’ as in other times, allows one voice to speak, a voice that others are acquainted with, because it is easier for others to understand, and are more apt to accept one who they are accustomed to.

Many Saints are present at this moment, surrounding this little one.  She sees Each of Them, and We smile at her question, ‘Why does This Precious Gift of The Father’s not encourage millions to see what a Treasure human life is, and that it has a Goal worth fighting for, thus ignoring all that is evil, all that is impure, all that is unjust?’

The Value of This Miracle is unlimited, and the day will come when All that has been spoken through It will be the Guiding Light for thousands, hopefully millions of individuals to more fully understand what a Close Association God is to man.  If this Statement were false, the human mind would not know, instinctively know, the importance of truth, of purity, of justice, and that there is a Goal to life above and beyond what the human mind can comprehend.

We see thousands each day throughout the world, strive for success in all avenues of thinking, of knowledge, of hope, of dreams, of goals.  Many do not find the correct path, because they do not base what they are practicing or doing or striving for, on purity, but many times on lust, selfishness, and many more human ways of thinking.

It is important that All that has been delivered be sent throughout the world, whether It go by air or water, in script, or one of the communications that man has available today.

We could speak hours on this subject, but We find when Our Words are too lengthy in content, those who read Them lose sight of the important issues.  That is why, so many times, when We request Our Words to be put into script, there is a limit to the Words, but the subject matter is always clearly said.

As We leave you today at this time, it is important that no matter how much doubt you are confronted with regarding This Gift of Divine Love, you are to persevere in spreading It in every area possible to reach, and do not judge what Messages will be most applicable to certain places.  Send what you have to send, and allow the Words to be the Instruments of Instruction for millions of Souls to be saved from the enemy’s daily works, practices, interferences, that are endless in many ways.  So be it.”

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