ON MAY 23, 2001 AT 1:00 PM


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.

There is so much resistance to what is morally sound, realistic, pure, and based on The Father’s Will for human life to more fully understand that within each human life created, there is a Goal beyond what the human mind can perceive or understand.  If this was not truth, then human life would have no Goal, no incentive to practice morality over immorality, and there would be so much despair in all human life, because it is a Goal that gives to human life, that is a Goal of Importance, Achievement.  It is innate in a human mind to desire to reach for a Higher Place; even as a human being it is innate.

It is sad to see so much despair amongst men, women and children, lacking so much incentive to achieve, to grow, and to base their lives on the Purpose for which it was created:  to return to The Creator, a Saint.  There is so much to say on this Fact that is oftentimes dismissed, because for some it is difficult to believe in The Divine as It Truly Is.

The Father has given to the world a Gift of Divine Love above and beyond what most human beings truly understand, and that is, He is allowing Saints to speak in a manner and way that is understandable to other human beings.  The Father Who created All things, allows This Gift of His Divine Love to be more understandable to the human mind, because logic says that to think of The Divine is to feel Something so far above and beyond what the human mind can comprehend in Its fullest degree.

Children should be instructed that they were created for a Purpose, a Goal that would give them Happiness for their Soul, and that the Soul, as a Portion of The Creator of All Things, is The Father’s Will to have It return to Him and It be called ‘a Saint’.

Volumes could be written on this one subject, but if volumes were written, so many men who feel learned on so many subjects, so many women who feel exceptionally understanding of so many subjects, would end up interpreting things in totally a humanistic evaluation.  That is why The Father, in His Love for human life, gave to human life This Miracle of Divine Love, because human life came to a point, a standstill of understanding the importance of The Commandments, the full meaning of Them, the reason for Them.

Today as I speak, I speak with deep Love for human life, because it is a creation of The Creator, and each Soul that is within each human being oftentimes pleads with The Father to help where it is needed.

So much could be spoken, instructed, but the human mind desires to cope with only a degree understandable at that moment, or at that time, and that is why This Miracle of The Father’s Love for human beings of all degrees of intellect is so Important, because Each Saint Who has spoken and Who will speak, cares intensely for the Souls of every human being alive.

As I leave you, I ask you to say a prayer when you awaken to face another day:

‘Father in Heaven, please help me to be aware, that as I exist in the human form, I will understand more fully that within me I have a Portion of You that is to be returned to You, a Saint, and that is what I want to do.’ So be it.”

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