ON NOVEMBER 17, 2000 AT 1:03 PM


There are Four of Them:  Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Michael The Archangel, Saint Peter Canisius, Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.

“If We were to hand each one present at this time a beautiful diamond ring, We would be remembered in many ways, but What We have come to speak about is Greater than any gem, because the Words The Father desires Us to speak are Words important for the Souls of each one.  The word ‘Soul’, in many places, in many ways, is a common word.

What I am about to say is that as each human being is gifted with a Soul, a Portion of The Creator, it is important that This Message be delivered to people throughout the world who have no concept of the Importance of being a human being, because of the Blessing of the Soul that each one is the custodian of.

We hear some say, ‘I cannot see It, I cannot feel It,’ but you do.  In every decision you make, every act, action you take, you are aware of the right or the wrong of it, the good or the evil of it.  You are also aware that your presence is important to others, because how you look, how you speak, how you act, leaves a mark on everyone present.

It is important that children be instructed on how important it is for them to be aware that how they look affects others mentally, morally, spiritually.

Today as We All gather, it is important that All that has been delivered thus far and All that is yet to come, be seen for the worth of It, because each Message has an important point, due to the fact that each human being is the custodian of a Portion of The Creator, and there is no place in the world that enough is being instructed upon regarding the Goal for human life, because human life is the custodian of a Soul, a Portion of The Creator.

All ages of human life should be aware that though the physical and the mental are important to each one, there is an unseen Portion, an unheard Portion that is the receiver of all that an individual thinks, does, speaks, uses, partakes in, and is definitely a tremendous, or has a tremendous effect on other human beings.

The Father allows so Many of Us to speak, so that those who write the Words, those who read the Words, will begin to better understand that when human life ends in the living way, it remains in a manner, a degree important for the Soul that each one received at the moment of conception, and this Soul, not human in Spirit or flesh, is a Portion of The Creator of All Things.

This Statement may not be easy to comprehend in Its fullest degree, but allow your imagination to see the Value of such a Gift, the necessity for everything you do to be based on the Importance of this Gift, because whether you think it or feel it, the sensitivities of the mind and the body assure you this Gift is present within you, because human life is different than all other living matter or thing.

The Father, in This Gift of His Divine Love, has instructed in so many ways Personally, or through One of Us Saints, what a Treasured Gift human life is the custodian of, and This Time in the History of human life is gifted in so many ways, by learning more about the Importance of human life.

That is why so much has been allowed to be put into script; also, much accent must be stressed on the importance of The Commandments given to a man a long time ago, because These Commandments are the Foundation for the Protection of Souls of every living human being, and These Commandments must never be set aside, but kept in the open in Their fullest degree, so They are not mistaken for mere words but understood in the importance They were given, to enlighten the minds of human beings to the Importance of human life in the Eyes of The Creator, and the Soul of each human being to be returned to Him in Heaven.  So be it.”

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