ON MARCH 31, 1999 AT 1:15 PM


“I am Saint Cecilia.  Many times when We speak through This Gift of The Father’s, We do not announce Our Name, because We feel it could be a distraction to the content of Our Message.

There is no time in any day Many of Us are not present in This Gift of The Father’s.  It would be difficult to fully understand the Beauty in how Many of Us cherish this time, in this place, or in any place where this little one speaks openly in conversation, natural to human life.

The world is about to celebrate a Special Time in the History that marked This Time with a Special Event.  This Event, as all know it to be, had much pain in it, plus it was a cruel act of human jealousy, hate, and many other unkind or wicked beliefs, understanding and practices.

It is not easy for some to fully understand what These Specific Days truly mean, because there are so many human involvements, practices, and means of distraction that draw attention away from Important Events, because These Events are to help individuals of all races, all colors, all creeds, to more fully understand the Importance of human life, and how much History passed through time, allowing so many generations to become acquainted with Important Facts.

The Facts, of course, are not always spoken about in Their full meaning, but it is important that mankind be reminded of past Events so that in each period of time, human beings have the advantage to be able to relate to the importance of what preceded the actions, that in many ways were abominations to The Holy Trinity.

I bless each one who writes My Words, and I beseech each one who reads These Words, and All Other Words passed through This Gift of The Father’s Love, to see the Importance of human life, and recognize The Divine Love that has allowed so much of past History to be a great means of learning, of instruction, in teaching those who live the human way to be able to honor what a Blessed Gift human life is, and that it was Blessed with The Rules to live by that so many in the past, and now the present, refuse to acknowledge as being The Father’s Will for the good of all Souls that are a Part of Him.  So be it.”

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