ON MARCH 27, 2000 AT 1:32 PM


“I am Saint Christopher.

In human life, human beings fear many things.  In this fear, they many times use prayer, or sometimes they choose going to a medical man, trying desperately to find some kind of help, some means to relax their mind, because it causes much strain in their whole being, to fear, or to feel things are not quite right.

Today as I speak through one small voice, it is because of the tremendous need all human beings have to better understand that they have a Source to turn to, using prayer, using their own words, using Faith that they will be heard.

How many men, women and children find despair in so many ways, areas of daily living, and in this despair find themselves doing things that are improper or directly out of context in how a situation should be handled?

The Father has given to the world a Gift, allowing so Many Saints Here in the Heavens to speak in a normal, understandable manner and way of describing particular things in human life that have ultimate meaning, and can give hope where there is despair or concern or fear.

Each of Us Saints is requested to speak on a different function, attitude or practice of human life.  Many times, for those who take the Words down it is difficult, because the Words are so natural in content, and yet innately the individual is listening to the meaning of All that is being spoken for the benefit of those who will read These Words and find solace in Them, comfort in Them, hope in Them, strength in Them, direction in Them.

Today is an important day in every human life, because each day is facing the attitudes, the comforts, the details, the routines, the necessities of human life.

The little one The Father uses for so much to be delivered, has received for so many years, from so Many of Us Here, Words that are not ordinary to human beings, not ordinary in one’s thinking, one’s practice in following a daily routine.

All that has been given is to instruct millions of other human beings on the importance of how they live each day, because in each day they are faced with the reality of personal care, and perhaps the personal care of others; also, the necessities of life to be able to give life strength through food, water, cleanliness and hope.

How I have spoken is different than Most, but to some they will understand These Words in a clearly personal way.

As I leave you I bless you, those who are writing My Words, because Each of Us Saints has a particular Part to play in This Gift of The Father’s Love for all of mankind.

So often it is forgotten by men, women and children to greet each day with a prayer, and to end each day with another prayer.  So many things happen during one day that confusion sometimes allows the individual to omit that One close connection to The Creator, but it is important that this Connecting Link to The Divine must be learned, to use a few words of thanks for the day.  So be it.”

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