ON MARCH 14, 2002 AT 12:53 PM


“I am Saint Chrysostom.

We All smile when the little one The Father has chosen for This Gift of His Divine Love, as she announces Our Name to those present, she oftentimes hesitates to be sure that she heard correctly.  She does not hear with the sound of her ears.  What We speak is an Implantation into her mental, and she repeats Our Words as They are Decreed to be, because They are important Words, and not natural to be spoken by human beings.

The world has been Blessed abundantly through This Gift of Divine Love.  There are thousands, there are millions of men, women and children that should be told about This Gift to them through one voice, because of the Importance of the Instructions, the Directions, and the purpose for which This Gift has been given, for all of mankind to more fully understand that they were created by The Divine for a Goal, for a Portion within them that will represent them at a given time.  It is called ‘a Soul’.

We hear so many individuals use the words ‘soul mates’ when they feel close to someone else; they feel an independence and a security.  Every human being born, through their Soul, is connected to The Creator of All Things.  It is a Connection not obvious, but always there.  So many Words could be given on the closeness human life has with The Divine.  It is not a mystery, it is Fact.

At this moment there are a great number of children being born throughout the world.  Each one of them is gifted with a Portion of The Divine.  Sorry to say, thousands of them will not be trained to understand that their life is Important, because they have a Portion within them that is different than any other living matter or thing has.  It is a Portion of The Creator, called ‘the Soul’.

In the so-called ‘religious schools’ throughout the world, there is very little instructed on What human life is gifted with, the Importance of It, and that It is a Living Part that will return to The Heavenly Father after the physical of the one in whom It was given, no longer exists.

We hear many individuals get angry when they hear someone lie about something.  Sometimes they even become violent because the lie was intimidating on some subject, or it caused a situation to be discussed, clarified, due to the fact that the lie covered something important to them.

In the beginning of human life, many stages had to take place.  It was important to The Father to do it this way, because of the Importance of human life.

You live in a time of many heresies.  Also, much is occurring that is thought to be justifiable, because an individual feels that the situation is wrong for them to have, or them to be victims of.

Needless to say, volumes of books could be written on this subject, but it is Important, This Gift of The Father’s Love for human life, because It bears the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, and as He was The Foster Father of The Son of The Creator, He has once again come to the earth, prepared to give Strength, Hope, Endurance, Love, Direction, and He uses Many, Many Saints to speak, helping those who write the Words and those who will read the Words, to more fully understand that to be born as ‘a human being’ is a Gift of Divine Plan.

As I close My Words, I bless you who write Them and all who will read Them, because it is Important for the Souls of millions of human beings to be returned to The Father to one day be with Him, Forever and ever.  Amen.”

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