ON AUGUST 17, 1999 AT 1:36 PM


“I am Saint Clare.  It is The Father’s Permission that I speak today on a very important subject that faces every living human being born to the world.

First, one must remember that there is a right and there is a wrong, there is truth and there are untruths.  Many times children are not spoken to in a clear manner regarding the distinction that each of these words carry.  A child is told ‘No,’ but rarely is there an explanation why the child is not permitted to do what he or she is doing.  In some cases, a child instinctively knows, but does not have the logic of decision.

Now let us go to another degree in which those who participate are of an older age.  It is automatically understood by everyone they meet that they are capable of the right answers, the correct actions, whether the subject matter is moral or immoral, or in some cases just suggestive of one or the other.

The Father has given to the world of mankind the privilege of so much to be learned.  He did not just speak the Words, nor did He just allow Them to be in one place.  His Direction was for All to be written, put into script so no one would ever not be able to read the Words and allow the Words to be indelibly marked within them in Their full concept.

I am speaking differently than at other times because of the subject matter, but it is important that all of men, women and children learn from What has been spoken for many years, delivered according to The Father’s Will, through one voice, on the Importance of what a human being is gifted with, and that is an unseen Portion of The Creator, called ‘the Soul’.  The Soul is the recipient of all an individual speaks, acts out, promotes, encourages, and is example of.

My Words, though different than I usually speak, are Words I sincerely want everyone to fully understand, that as an individual born to the world in the human form, the responsibilities, though simple in nature, are important because of the Soul that is the recipient of every act, thought, word, deed, that one individual is responsible for.

Today I extend much Love through What I have spoken, because it is important that the whole world hear of This Gift The Father has given to the world, has Demanded to be put into script, not relying on the memory, but instilling It indepthly through the written Word so that the human mind will be able to absorb It, see the Value of It and the rationalization of what It means.

Today as I speak, I speak with a Sincerity and with a Hope that All that has been delivered from All Here in the Heavens will scatter throughout the world in haste, because of the need for It in so many ways, so many places, for millions of men, women and children.  So be it.”

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