ON MARCH 22, 2002 AT 12:53 PM


“I am Saint Clare.  I oftentimes speak without announcing My Name.  It is thought to be personal conversation by those present, when the little one The Father uses speaks on a subject of any dimension, any manner of description.

As I speak to you today, I call your attention to what a Precious Gift it is to be born the human way.  It has Purpose, it has a Goal, and The Father uses these things, because in this Creation of His, He announced that human life would have the privilege to one day return to Him, the Soul.

So many individuals ignore the subject of the Soul, thus thinking that when they are ignoring the situation, the Soul does not exist, which in reality, they feel a lack of responsibility then for That Portion within them, the Portion of The Creator that cannot be seen, cannot be felt, nor can It be heard.

Human life was designed with a Goal above and beyond what the human mind can fathom a Goal to be, but nonetheless, it is Fact, it is Truth, because the human life has within it a Soul.

Now, though you cannot see the Soul or feel the Soul, you do in another way, other than your normal way of seeing, hearing, feeling.  Your sensitivity to what is morally sound, morally correct, morally pure, tells you there has to be a reason for this knowledge, this understanding, that no other living matter or thing obviously has.

Let us move to another part, portion, Gift to human life:  the ability to speak volumes of words, with volumes of meanings, for volumes of reasons.  Communication is important, and so much can be accomplished by it, because of it, that the human body could not possibly do without it.

So many men, women and children have been taught to say prayers, a connecting link between the human mind and The Divine, but little do men, women and children fully comprehend that everything they think, say and do, their Soul is the recipient of, and The Father knows.

Remember:  When you speak the next time, are you speaking just to be heard, or do you have a purpose, a reason, and are you aware of the words you use?  Are they pure?  Would you want The Father to hear them the way you say them?  Would you want All The Saints to hear them?

Some may say ‘No’ to this, but I assure you, everything you think, you say, you do, you practice, is recorded in your Soul, because the Soul is a Portion of The Creator, and will be That Portion of you that will be Judged because of you, all you thought, all you practiced, all you spoke.

Human life is gifted with a Goal, and that is to one day return to The Father That Portion of Him that you were entrusted with at the moment of your conception.  It is called ‘the Soul’.”

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