ON MAY 10, 2002 AT 12:53 PM


“There are Several Here.  Many are smiling.  Some are very serious.  Others are anticipating to speak.

I am Saint Columbkille.

Many days, thousands of human beings say a prayer, hoping it will be honored by The Heavenly King.  Faith is a Beautiful Gift of Divine Love, because Faith gives strength to whomever has it, feels it, depends on it, and uses it; Faith in the knowledge that there is a Divine Creator, and there are Souls Who were once in human beings, are now in the Company of The Creator, returned to Him, Saints.

It is always sadness Here in the Heavens when We see devastation through immorality, impurity of the mind, the body, abusing the Soul, that though It cannot be seen, there is an innate sensitivity in human beings to know that human life is Blessed with Something beyond what the physical shows.

We hold the little one deeper, because there are so Many of Us present.  Our Presence is a weight within her, unrealistic to what a human being understands This Type of weight to be.

This Gift of Divine Love, bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, constantly encourages those who are present, and then through the written Words, for all backgrounds of human life, all mentalities of human life, to understand that to be born in the human way is the Greatest Blessing in The Father’s Plan.

We hear some say, ‘If there is truly a Divine Being called “God”, why does not someone see It, see Him, and be able to describe All He Is?’ This, of course, is based on human limitations in how the human mind has been limited for many reasons; mainly, first for its own protection, because if there were so many areas that human beings would be capable of fully understanding, the confusion would not allow the mentality of human life to see things in a rational, formal format of distinction, separating one subject, one description from another.

In the Design of the human mind, it was created to be able to separate subject matter, and also to separate the distinction between what is logical over what is illogical, what is pure over what is impure, what is just over what is unjust.

Yes, there had to be separations and limitations in the Design of human life, but all were meant to give to human life a greater understanding over the importance of how necessary it is to be able to categorize situations, so that there can be more understanding of all subject matter that a human being has available to them.

As so Many of Us speak through one small voice, We consider it a privilege from The Father, from The Creator, from The Giver of Life, to be so exacting in the Foundation of all things, the Purpose for all things, else things would be chaotic and have no reason, no purpose, no ability to adjust to the dignity that is necessary in all areas of human thinking, human knowledge, human practice.

For instance, the moon has a particular time to shine, the sun has a particular time to shine, and all that is in the universe, the atmosphere, was created to give to human life the understanding of the importance of order, logic, reasoning, and justification; these things giving strength to the mentality and the logic that a human being is born with.

This Gift that has given so much through Words understandable, is a Gift beyond what some want to understand.  Sometimes it is out of jealousy.  Sometimes it is an innate form of not wanting anyone to be more important than they are.

Importance in human life has a much deeper purpose than man has addressed it thus far.  The Importance of the Soul of every living human being is Far Greater than all the knowledge available to be learned, because the Soul is That Portion of human life that is Greater than anything else created, because it is the Soul that is the Ultimate Gift of Divine Love, that at a particular time will be seen for What It is, and the one who was Blessed with that Soul will thank The Creator a multiple of times, so many that the count could not go high enough in logical number.

As I close My Words, I bless those who take Them, because the written Word is a greater Instructor, Teacher, than people of all degrees of intellect have the ability to use, to remember, and to become stronger because of the logic in Them.

As I close My Words, I bless those who take Them, and those who read Them will be Blessed, because This Gift of Divine Love has been given for the Souls of millions and millions and millions.  Some are present at this time in this year, but the Words that have been delivered must never cease being put into print for those yet to come, so they, too, will fully understand what a Beautiful Blessing of Divine Love it was and is to be born as man.”

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