ON NOVEMBER 1, 2000 AT 12:58 PM


There are Three Saints:  Saint Elizabeth, Saint Anastasia, Saint Bernadette.

“As We approach this little instrument of The Father’s, We approach her with much Love, because This Gift that He has appointed to her way of life is for all human life, and for Each of Us Saints to speak is Special, because it gives Us a chance, an opportunity to speak on the Importance of human life, the necessities of behavior in human life, and of course, the Goal for the Soul of human life.

As We speak, We smile through her, because it is not often that We get to speak so openly and have Our Words put in print immediately.  This Miracle of Divine Love is a Gift to human beings of all races, colors and creeds, Greater than any individual can perceive.

Children are not being instructed on the Goal of human life.  True, they are being taught prayers and areas where obedience is necessary, and how important their attitude is because it affects everyone who they meet, who they are associated with.

How We speak today through one small voice, is different than most Others Who speak through this voice The Father uses for so many important Lessons regarding human life.  It is Our desire today for everyone who reads Our Words to be more inclined to teach the young about The Divine, and how Important human life is because of the Soul it is the custodian of.  The Soul, as the recipient of all that an individual does, speaks, partakes in, is of the utmost importance at the time of Judgment for the Soul.

As each human being greets each day, they anticipate it being a good day, or they anticipate it being like all the other days, perhaps not happy, not truly enjoyable, but a day they must pass through until the next day.

We are speaking so differently at this time than all the other times The Saints speak through This Gift of The Father’s Love, because there are many children who never hear about The Saints, and rarely are told to say some prayers.

As We speak today, We smile at Each Other, for Each of Us is more apt to want to speak in a very direct manner, but This Lesson today is to encourage those present to talk to the young about Saints, and how the Souls can become ‘Saints’; that is, through the intentions, the actions, the thoughts, the words, the deeds that an individual is used to.

We All smile at the little one through whom We speak because, believe it or not, she questions Us, why We come in like We are today, different than Any Others before this time.  She is ever conscious of Every Word spoken, and Every Intention of the One speaking; so as she returns through her mind in answer to Us, We smile.  Our Words pour through her mouth, and her intellect speaks to Us on the side.

Today is a very important day in the lives of most people, because today is a day of decisions, and to many, a day of courage; others, a day of learning, and to some, a day of apologizing for what they have done.

As We leave you, We are All smiling, because Our Words are different today, but be mindful of Them because They are meant to help you understand more about individuals who do not see This Gift of Divine Love your way.  So be it.”

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