ON NOVEMBER 11, 1999 AT 1:25 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.

Men, women and children know some prayer, but many never say a prayer, not on their own volition, because they are more accustomed to praying with a group of people, and that is how they understand prayer should be, but also that it is more adapted to their way of life.  This of course is sad, because personal prayer has a definite, positive delight to The One to Whom they are praying.

So Many Saints are delighted to hear a prayer in Their Name, no matter what the reason, the purpose, the request, because the recognition of being ‘a Saint’, makes Them understand that the one praying believes in this Gift of Divine Love that human life was created for, and that is to one day return the Soul as ‘a Saint’ to The Father.  Very few conversations speak about The Saints, or what Sainthood is all about.

Children are not being instructed that the Goal of life is to become ‘a Saint’, and yet so many humanistic ideas, values, are placed on success as a human being, success in one’s endeavor to be first, to be best, to accomplish more than others.

As I speak, I see thousands of young children not being instructed in the proper form, way, manner, degree, on what their life consists of, what it was created for.  Most things spoken are on humanistic ideas, ideals, practices, goals, information on subject matter that is perhaps interesting, but not connected in any way to the Values of life, or Sainthood.

Many learned men and women enjoy ridiculous pastimes, amusing times that they feel are important to their way of life.  If any one of them were asked about their Soul they could not answer the question intelligently, because to some of them it’s impractical, also out of their context of thinking, and something they have read about but cannot fathom the reality of.

Humanism, in its practice, puts all things in a manner, a way, a degree, a value, that covers only material things, ideas, and personal practices in association with other men, women, oftentimes even omitting children.

The world is in great need of All the Instruction that The Father has allowed to be passed through This Gift of His Divine Love.  To some, when they read It, It is passed off as just Spiritual, but in reality, they should see It as an in-depth Love of Divine for human beings, because human love is special because of the Soul that each human being is the custodian of, and it is the Soul that will be Judged at a given time.  So be it.”

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