ON MAY 22, 2000 AT 1:28 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.  We hear so many so-called ‘modern day versions’ of the Importance of life, including, of course, what mankind decrees to be necessary in how he or she desires moral values, moral standards, moral interpretations, moral integrities.  Throughout the world there is very little concern over what is morally sound, pure, just, right, correct.  We hear so many say, ‘Live today, for tomorrow we may die.’

The Father, in His Creation of human life, began it in a form, in a manner, with a mental degree for that particular time, and then as time progressed, the mentality of human life progressed accordingly.  This was necessary to have it be this way, because in the beginning of human life, there were many places, areas, that lacked what mankind is able to use at this time.

It is difficult for so many to believe that human life was born without full understanding, full knowledge, having to live step by step, in a world of adjustment to what human life was all about.

Today as I speak through one small voice, human life has graduated into an ability that far surpasses the mentalities that were in the beginning of human life, but in so many ways and so many times, individuals revert back to a more animalistic, uninhibited practice, so that he or she can act in the manner they decree best for each of them.

Habits, to human life, many times give strength, because once a habit is conceived, the individual oftentimes feels more secure, more able to cope with situations, conditions, and others’ personalities, practices, mentalities.

Time, in so many ways, has allowed human life to more fully understand that it is a Gift, not just something that occurred to take space up like all other animals.  Animals were created for a reason, but they do not have the mentality that human life has, nor do they have the Goal, because they do not have a Soul as human life has.

Human life has many attributes and many dimensions of being able to see the importance of a goal, work for it, because human life is given challenges from baby on.  Learning is a challenge.  Application of what one learns is a challenge.  Personal control over one’s emotions and in one’s intellect is a challenge.  The ability to associate with all different varieties of human behavior, human understanding, human opinions, gives life an interesting challenge.

Human life was not created in what mankind calls ‘a clone’.  Human life has been gifted in many ways, because human life has a Goal, due to the fact that each human life was created for a Purpose, and given at the moment of conception, a Portion of The Creator, a Soul, thus instilling in human life a Value far beyond what any other living matter or thing is the custodian of.

It is not the goal in life to be rich, to be famous, that makes life Important.  The Greatest Gift of human life is the Soul which makes human life Precious, undeniably the Greatest Way, the Greatest Love, the Greatest Goal, because of the Soul that is obvious through All Those Who have been born before it, this time in life, called ‘Saints’ Who are allowed to communicate with the way human life can understand communication; first, through reading about Them, and secondly, a Union of Communication through a Miracle such as This One is.

What Greater Dimension of Truth can be given to human life than to have so Many Saints speak openly, instructing constantly for the benefit of those who are alive and can more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is to man?

As I leave you, I beseech you to look at each day as a ‘treasure of life’, because through that day, you are given the privilege to work for the Goal you were created to one day reach.  So be it.”

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