ON APRIL 3, 2001 AT 12:43 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.  What I am about to say is of great importance for all of human life throughout the world.  First, respect for human life has diminished to such a degree, that amongst human beings there is very little respect for each other mentally, morally, or perhaps I should have said morally first, and then mentally.

Why it is so difficult for any age group to not have so much disrespect for human life is an abomination to the Souls of those who are involved, and those who are affected by all that is occurring.  There is so little respect, sincerity, honesty, thus causing much confusion in meaning of speech, actions, and other areas of life, thus demeaning to the physical life, insulting the Soul or Souls of those who become the victims.

Another Statement on this would be:  Those who mistreat others mentally, morally, psychologically, physically, is a sadness to Us, because logic says there is a right and there is a wrong, there is a decency to be practiced in life; so why practice indecency when it is so harmful to all parts of human life, but especially to the Soul?

When adults talk to children, do they respect the child or children by being good example in actions, in words, in directions?  Throughout the world there is a great sadness, because so little respect is given in all areas, all backgrounds, all ages.

I will make My Words close sooner than I desire Them to be, because in having to give a Message such as I have just given, is a sadness in many ways.

I hear some say as they read These Words, ‘How can a Saint be sad?’ All Saints have times such as this when They see so much abuse physically, mentally, morally, ignoring the Purpose for which human life was created, and that in human life there is a Gift of Divine Love Greater than any gift human life can perceive It to be.  The Soul is ‘the victim’.

This is a sadness to The Holy Trinity.  All of Us Saints Here in the Heavens request to partake in This Gift of The Father’s Love that bears the Name of The Beloved Holy One, called ‘Saint Joseph’, because The Holy Spirit of The Creator cannot bear to see such disgrace to the Souls of such a gifted Gift of life that being a human is.

Before I leave, I beseech you who put These Words in script:  pray that those who will read These Words will find in Them a change within themselves, to better understand that human life was created different than any other living matter or thing, and for a Goal for the Soul to be returned to The Father in a State of Purity as It was given in the beginning, because the Soul is a Portion of Him.  So be it.”

“When you see another individual of any age cry tears, do you not automatically respond to how they feel, how sensitive they are?

The next time you are present when something foul, indecent, impure is being practiced or spoken about, will you have the courage to speak against it, or let those involved know that you are unhappy at such an occurrence, no matter what their reason is to do this, because it is vile, contemptible and abusive?”

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