ON SEPTEMBER 8, 2000 AT 12:53 PM


“I smile as My Name is announced because of My Presence here with you. The little one All of Us use to reach human beings of all degrees of intelligence, all degrees of love for The Divine, is ever aware of Who We are.

Today as I speak, it is to encourage men, women and children of all backgrounds, all ages, and all degrees of intelligence, to take what they are, how they think, and to devote it to the Will of The Creator.  It is important that human beings of all ages try to understand the human life in the world of human beings is in The Father’s Special Plan.

Children are not being instructed properly.  It is oftentimes thought it is too much for them to understand, but this is not so.  It is innate in the mind of human life to be happy with facts, and to feel more secure knowing the reality of things.

As I speak there are so Many Saints Here with Me, because We All care about every human being.  It is important for mankind to know that life Where We are is different, but it is a Gift of Divine Love, because as We live in the Form We do, the Closeness to The Creator would be unbelievable to you.

As We many times speak through This Gift of The Father’s Love, it is to encourage those who write the Words, those who will read the Words, and hopefully those who will one day be subjected in some form to All that has been delivered, because The Father has chosen ‘this time’ to instruct through so Many Here in the Heavens, the Purpose of human life, its Goals.

When We speak, Our desire is to encourage each one who listens, and each one who puts It into script, and of course, those who read the script, to see a Future to life, a Purpose for human life, and a Beautiful Goal that only The Father could give to a Soul.

As I bless you, be assured it is The Father’s Love that allows Me to speak, because at no other place throughout the world is there such Teaching as you are the recipients of every week, or I should say every day, and do not forget, your Faith in The Father’s Love gives you strength you do not always recognize, but It also gives you assurance that one day you will see Him and you will be grateful for the time you spent learning to love Him, and serve Him in your way, in your day.  So be it.”

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