ON SEPTEMBER 15, 1999 AT 1:08 PM


“I am Saint Gregory The Great.

Too few men, women and children believe in the Full Existence, the True Existence of a Divine Creator.  This Statement may come as a shock because of the Words used, but I assure you What I speak is full Truth, because of so many human abilities, different mentalities, concentrating on different interests, whether they be morally, physically, academically oriented, or unable to handle facts that they declare to be only for those who believe indepthly in religious words, facts.

Today as I speak, I speak with deep Love for the little one through whom I speak, because as a Victim Soul, a victim human being, it would be difficult for others to understand, difficult to accept Truths that pour forth through her, and others do not have a Blessing, an ability or a mentality to do these things.

The Father has Blessed the world, and it is important that All that has passed through one voice be translated so that millions of men, women and children of different backgrounds will have the opportunity to read All that has been delivered, put into script through one voice, one small body, one obedient child of years.

Today, to some it is a very important day, because in their way of life there is a beginning to something new, something of interest, something uplifting to the personality or their character, or their social obligations, or even their monetary goals.

It is sad to see so few fully understand This Miracle of The Father’s Love.  It is called ‘a Miracle’ because It is Special in Its Reception, in Its Facts, in Its Directions, and in Its inability to be a common thing for others to be able to be the receiver of.

I will close with a Blessing, because this is another thing that is rarely spoken about at this time.  Blessings are many things.  They are acts of kindness, acts of love, acts of concern, acceptance of duties, and yes, a sincere act of purpose to every act in life.  As I bless you I will say, ‘It is time that mankind stop looking for faults and depend on the importance of moral values, moral standards; also, thanking The Creator for having been born to the human life, because of its Goal for which it was created.’  So be it.”

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