ON AUGUST 17, 1998 AT 2:23 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.  Many times We hear cries, pleas, hope for personal attention from The Father.  Individuals fear illness, fear failure, fear disaster, and many other things.  We rarely hear a plea for help from someone who fears their Soul being marked by their personal impurities that the Soul is the recipient of.

For such a long time now, The Father has been giving to mankind Words that in many ways give Hope to human life, through One of Us Here speaking Words understandable, due to certain situations that individuals have great concern over.

The time in the world is Special, because at ‘this time’ The Father has given a Gift of Help, Hope, in Words that mankind can associate with, because These Words pertain to human needs, human causes, human fears.

Today as I speak, it is The Father’s Love for mankind that passes from Me to mankind.  Mankind is in many ways an extension of Divine Love, through That Portion in human life that is a Portion of The Father.  If this were not a Fact, human life would have no one to go to, no bond of association, and would be in a case of total loss for help.

Today as I speak, I speak in an understandable format of Words that must be spread throughout the world.  There are very few times in the History of human life that so much Direction, Correction, Divine Love, has been expressed in such detail.  It is sad to see millions of men, women and children not searching out where to find What is spoken here.  Of course, some of the reason for this is because they are not being told by the so-called ‘authority’ that they depend upon for help morally, physically, spiritually.

It is important to conquer all avenues of communication with All that has been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love.  It must be passed throughout the world without question of how it is to be done, because mankind has the facility or facilities, mankind has the abilities; also, mankind has the reasoning for such Important Messages to be given to those who would have no access to Them, except through the generosity, morally, physically, spiritually, financially, of those who are part of This Gift of The Father’s Love.

We hear some individuals say, ‘I received another rejection,’ but I say, ‘In that rejection a Mark was left that may be picked up at a later date, or possibly passed on in anger to someone else who would automatically take It as a Blessing and not reject It as the one before did.’ It is important that All that has been delivered be delivered to all races, all colors, all creeds, all denominations of Spiritual understanding.

When two people can say to each other, ‘I love you,’ it draws them closer in understanding each other and gives confidence in their association.  A parent says to a child, ‘I love you.’ The child never forgets those words because these words are security that is not always recognized in the degree it is, but it does remain for a long time.  Many times, even after a situation arises that seems to weaken those words, the words are always present.

Mankind puts so much value on monetary or materialistic gifts.  Through This Gift of The Father’s Love, He has instructed All of Us to give mankind the Most Valuable Gift any human being can receive, and that Gift is to instruct human beings on the Importance of their Soul that is a Portion of The Father; plus, that this Soul will live on Forever in a state, a degree, according to the individual in whom It was placed at the moment of conception; of course, according to the moral values, the moral standards, and how much the individual used human life to one day return the Soul ‘a Saint’ in the Eyes of God.

We hear some say, ‘If the Soul is a Portion of God, why is it so important to take so much care of It?’ Let Me put it this way:  The Father desires the Soul to be returned to Him, representing the individual, as a Great Saint in Heaven with Him.

So much can be spoken on this subject and none of it is being instructed upon by men, women and children, because mankind is too busy concentrating, too preoccupied with humanistic values, to remember what a Precious Gift human life is, and what a Gift of Divine Love the Soul is.  So be it.”

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