ON FEBRUARY 3, 2000 AT 1:22 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.  This Gift of Divine Love in which The Father gives so Many of Us the opportunity to speak on subjects, helping those yet alive in the world to more fully understand more about what human creation is all about, and the Gifts of Divine Love instilled in this creation that, in many ways, has not been discussed in previous times.

Though it is difficult for many men, women, and even children, to fathom, to understand, to accept a Miracle of This Type of Love, does not make This Gift untrue or false in any dimension of It, any division of It, any subject of It.

There is so little instruction by so-called ‘religious learned’ men and women on the Importance of human life and what it contains beneficial to its ability to see the magnitude of love, trust, hope, that is instilled in each human life.

When We hear conversations based on difficulty in understanding all the facets of human life, it is a sadness to All of Us, because logic is evident in all that The Father has instilled in human life:  the Gifts in the mind, using the mentality to better understand, more fully comprehend a subject that gives hope, strength, ability, understanding, and a goal to whatever an individual thinks, speaks, practices, or is involved in.

Today as I speak, it is with a Deep Love for The Creator, because it is Divine Will that All that is delivered through This Gift of His Love at ‘this time’, that it is important that human life understand the True Existence of The Creator, and the True Values that human life is the possessor of through Divine Gifts, Divine Love.

Today My Words are to instill in everyone who will read Them, a deeper understanding of the Importance of human life that is so closely connected to The Creator, to The Father Himself, because He Wills the Soul to return to Him at a given time.

Perhaps I speak differently in some ways than so Many Others that have spoken through This Gift, but The Father permits Us Each to speak in a way so that certain individuals will more fully understand the subject matter, because all human beings have the tendency to be able to absorb What is spoken or written in a different degree than others.

It is My Wish today that many will find Hope, Direction, Guidance and Love in What I have spoken, but also, through These Words, the desire to more fully accept The Father’s Will and one day become ‘a Saint’.  So be it.”

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