ON OCTOBER 4, 2000 AT 1:08 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.  There are so many subjects that I would like to discuss as I speak through this little one that The Father has chosen to be the instrument of Communication to the whole world.

So little emphasis is placed on the Importance of why human life was created; much more emphasis is placed on inferior matters, things, reasons, goals, purposes.  The Creation of human life is the only living thing that has a Goal beyond what the human mind can even imagine, but in the Creation of human life, many things were made to be of natural understanding, source.  Many call it ‘the intellect’.  Others call it ‘sensitivity’ to what is right, what is wrong, what is sound, what is unsound.  The characteristics of human life vary in each human being, but the one thing that all of human life has, and that is to one day return the Soul to The Creator, God Himself.

So little is being instructed by so-called ‘learned’ men and women on the importance of daily actions in everyone’s human life.  Granted, there are many different ways, means, goals, situations that occur, allowing or forcing an individual to make choice or choices; but there is one thing that all human beings have in common, and that is that they are born with a Soul, a Portion of The Creator, that they are responsible for, responsible to, in every decision made by them on every subject they are approached with.

It is sad for Me to say that so little has ever been instructed on the importance of the human mind, human abilities, human characteristics, human strengths, human obligations.  Of course, the goals are obvious and yet different to every human being, according to their mentality, their background, capabilities, or personal talents, initiative, desires, and many other things that a human being is the possessor of.

Today as I speak, it is with deep concern, because there is so little emphasis put on the Goal for which human life is responsible.  There are so many differences of opinions regarding the Future of the Soul, for the Soul, because it is difficult for a human mind to fathom or discern just what a Soul is, or is like.

When The Father designed This Gift bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, there were many Reasons for This Gift.  He made It available, more easily available in Content, Context, Purpose, than people of all ages realize, but at this time throughout the world This Gift was necessary, because all mankind had to really rely on were the books written in past times.  There are very few written words that men, women and children can associate what human life was created for, because in the so-called ‘progress’ that mankind is very interested in, the Purpose of the Creation of human life and the Goal for human life are rarely, if ever, discussed in the full degree or manner of past times.

Granted, there is much imagination, many stories, but as I speak to you today, what I am about to say is very, very important:  At the conception of a human being, The Father instills in the conception, a Portion of Himself, giving to this human an identity different than all other living matter or things.  Human life is gifted in so many ways, and the knowledge that there is a Goal for the Soul of human life is basically the most valued Gift any human being possesses.

There are volumes I could dictate at this moment, but what I have spoken thus far is to touch the minds of many who have doubts, uncertainties, and of course, little trust in the Importance of human life, but as I leave you, I request you accept My Blessing to help give you the strength to be strong, sincere, and allow yourself to be example, because all who you meet, you leave a mark, and your Soul, do not forget, bears the responsibility in more ways than you will ever know.

We hear some individuals make a remark at different times, referring to an individual at a sad occurrence, as a ‘victim Soul’ of what occurred.  This statement is, in fact, a beautiful statement, and means more, in fact, than anyone truly understands or knows.

As I leave you, I bless you, those who write My Words and those who will read My Words, for All the Lessons that pass through one voice are to help the Souls of millions of human beings throughout the world.  So be it.”

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