ON MAY 8, 2002 AT 1:09 PM


There are Several Here:  Saint Peregrine, Saint Josaphat, Saint Aloysius, Saint Frances Cabrini, Saint Juliana.  And He’s smiling.  He says, “And I, too, am Here.  I am Saint Joseph.”

“Human life was created in the Spirit of Love, Divine Love.  The Father, in His Design of human life, endowed it with many Gifts that The Father knew would give them dignity, strength, abilities, honor, and the understanding of love.  The Importance of human life has not been spoken about in its full degree of Divine Love.

When an individual designs an object, or is capable of creating the object, the individual feels they have accomplished something beyond what is ordinary, and when it is revealed what the subject is, it pleases numerous men, women and children; of course, all according to the object and what it will do to aid an individual mentally, physically.  Many inventions have given life, when nothing else that was tried could accomplish it.

At this time in which you live, The Father has given to the whole world of human life, a greater understanding, a fuller knowledge of the Importance of being born as a human being, because it is and was designed for a Higher Goal.

We hear individuals of all ages desire to be successful in minor things, monetary things, most times ignoring that what they should be striving to gain is to one day return to The Father and receive the Blessing for their Soul, making them ‘a Saint’.

Human beings of all ages enjoy History, even when they do not recognize the subject matter as being History.  When the earth was created, The Creator did it in a form, manner, degree, giving to it what would be possible for His Creation of human life to exist on, giving human life a place to live, to earn Sainthood at a particular time.

All that has been created has purpose, but is so many times ignored for the greatness that it was created to give to human beings something that did not exist at another time.

We hear some people of all ages talk on simple subjects and enjoy the conversations immensely, because in the communication it gave strength, hope, but also, it eliminated a loneliness that, without communication, exists.

The world has been Blessed by This Gift bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, but All Saints have entered This Gift, encouraging through the written Words, men, women and children to see the Beauty of human life, and realize that there is a Goal for human life that nothing else has.  The Goal is not repeating one’s human figure as such, but the Goal is for the Soul, a Portion of The Creator, that returns to Him in a Greater Light of Glory than any human being can achieve in the human form.

I could speak hours on this subject, for All of Us Here in the Heavens want men, women and children to enjoy being human beings, but to also fully understand that the Gift of human life is only a beginning to The Father’s Greater Plan.”

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