ON JULY 20, 2000 AT 1:00 PM


“Each day that a man, woman or child thinks of the Importance of human life, and addresses a Saint for help on a subject, a situation, or a matter, All of Heaven hears this request, this plea for help.

It is difficult for any human being to truly or fully understand the Importance of human life, because all things that a human being participates in are taken for granted.  It is a natural way of life.

Today as I speak to hopefully millions of people through This script, it is with much Love that My Words come to the world.  Children should be taught that the way of human life is a Gift of Divine Love, Precious in many aspects of it, but especially because it has a Soul known to be ‘a Portion of The Creator’, a Special Gift of Divine Love to every human life born.

Children are not being instructed properly regarding how they should use all they are, because of the Soul that is within them and is to be returned to The Creator, a Saint.  Very few children are being instructed that there is more to life than what they are doing, what they are learning, because human life has a Goal that no other living matter or thing is gifted with.

As I speak to you now, I am fully aware of the great need of all of mankind, all races, all colors, all creeds; the need, of course, is to know more about what human life was created for, and that it is a Divine Gift with Divine Love, because of the Soul that each human being is gifted with at the moment of conception.

The young should be instructed at a very early age that God created them, allowed them to become human because of His Love for this Gift of life, and that it has a Purpose and a Goal; the Goal, of course, to return the Soul to Him for All Time, Forever.  A child seems to understand ‘Forever’ as important.

As I leave you, I am grateful to The Father for allowing Me to speak and give a Message of great importance, because you see, as Saints, Our Love for The Creator is to please Him in All Ways, through helping others better understand Him, and know the Beauty of His Plan for human life to return to Him, a Saint.  So be it.”

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