ON JUNE 3, 1998 AT 1:28 PM


“I am Saint Peregrine.

The absence of the signs that encourage men, women and children to remember The Commandments of God are obvious by how mankind acts, communicates, and practices moral ethics, moral soundness, morality in its fullest measure.

Today, if mankind were to have The Commandments of God obvious to their eyes wherever they would go, it would have an effect on their memory as to These Rules being important, because it is through These Rules that mankind is able to judge what is right, what is wrong, to a degree in which These Words are written.

Granted, time in many ways has lessened what each Commandment fully means.  Mankind has a way of diminishing content that is important, because of his or her necessity to memorize important facts.

Let us take one Commandment of God.  When the beloved Moses spoke of this Commandment, he used much descriptive wording, so that the Commandment would be more fully understood, and give mankind the ability to evaluate the Commandment in a greater degree, helpful to the Soul, because if everything is not declared clearly, much is lost, and it cannot be seen for its fullest measure of obligation, of value, of need.

Today as I speak, it is The Father’s Will that The Commandments be more discussed, and put into a greater degree of description, like that Time in which They were first delivered to Moses.

The world has been given a Great Miracle, and though It is denied by millions, Truth is stronger, greater, and more valuable, and will remain in spite of human beings putting Facts in a diluted format for so-called ‘better memory’.

When one dilutes an important issue, circumstance, Commandment, it is a great loss in many ways, because the Soul can be the victim if the individual or individuals do not value, cope, or realize that one word is insufficient to describe the importance of something that will affect the Soul of one or more human beings.

As I speak, I speak with a deep Affection for mankind, but I speak with a Great Love for the Souls of mankind, because the Soul of every human life is That Portion of life that will remain Forever, because That Portion is a Portion of The Creator of All Things, and that Soul will live on Forever.  So be it.”

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